UWP students step up to health and fitness

April 29, 2003

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PLATTEVILLE-Stepping up to health and fitness, 35 University of Wisconsin-Platteville students are logging 10,000 steps. The steps are clearly just for starters.

The students are enrolled in an intensive four-week exercise and education program, 10,000 Steps, headed by adult education graduate student Corrie Knutson.

Participating as individuals or on teams of four, the students are coming down to their last lap, said Knutson, who started the program as a seminar in health education project.

Students wear pedometers, a measurement tool that logs the number of steps taken. They are encouraged to participate in educational sessions such as nutrition, exercise, self-esteem and motivation.

Prizes are awarded based on the number of steps and educational sessions attended, said Knutson. These prizes include tanning sessions, footlong subs, manicures and pedicures (for those aching feet).

Knutson, who plans to earn her master's degree from UWP in health and physical education, did a lot of groundwork before the program started. Besides getting donations from businesses, she has lined up speakers for the educational sessions and calculates the number of pedometer steps.

"I have a passion for health and exercise," said Knutson, who has formerly advised UWP football and basketball cheerleaders. Currently, she teaches aerobics for UWP's Office of Continuing Education.

Healthy lifestyles should be part of everyone's lifestyles, added Knutson. "People need to care about their health," said Knutson. "Busyness should not interfere."

Knutson, who met her husband, Blake, as an undergraduate at UWP, plans to move to Phoenix after graduation. "I really like that area," she said.

During her rare free time, Knutson spends time with Blake and walks their two boxer dogs, Rosco and Lulu.

After the 10,000 Steps program concludes at the end of April, Knutson will give a report along with her reflections to classmates. "This has been a really great experience," she said.

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