UWP student/faculty ratio lower than state average

January 14, 2003

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PLATTEVILLE-For many high school students trying to choose a college can be a long and tedious process. Most students look for a school that has the program or programs they might be interested in. For many students, they also look at how close or far away the school is from home. In these cases, the University of Wisconsin-Platteville has a lot to offer students. However, one thing that UWP has to offer that many of the other Wisconsin universities might not, is a remarkable student to faculty ratio.

According to a report by UWP Institutional Researcher Abdol Soofi, the Common Data Set 2001-02 of the UW-Platteville shows the student to faculty ratio at UWP for fall semester of 2002 was 21 to 1. This is down from 2001 fall semester, which was 22 to 1.

This study compares all full-time equivalent plus one-third part-time students; graduate, undergraduate and distance learning students; to all full-time instructional faculty plus one-third part-time. The calculations do not include faculty or students only in graduate or professional programs. Undergraduate or graduate student teaching assistants are not counted as faculty.

Not only does this allow the students to have more one on one time with professors, but also these professors are highly educated within their individual studies. Of the 208 total faculty members, 195 have a doctorate, first professional or other terminal degree. Female faculty members total 99 of the 347 full-time and part-time faculty positions, and of all UWP professors, 35 are members of minority groups.

When compared to other colleges UW colleges, UWP has a student to faculty and instructional staff ratio of 18.5, which is below the state ratio of 18.8.

"I do not know if small class sizes are better. However, I am planning to conduct a study that could verify/nullify this perception," said Soofi.

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