Two Ridiculous Young Maidens Ridiculed

April 25, 2003

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PLATTEVILLE- The comedy "Two Ridiculous Young Maidens Ridiculed," will be performed Wednesday and Thursday, May 7-8, at 8 p.m. in the UW-Platteville Center for the Arts Theatre.

Molière who lived in France under the reign of Louis the Sun King and is known commonly as the "prince of comedy," wrote "Two Ridiculous Young Maidens Ridiculed" before writing "The Miser" and "Tartuffe."

The plot of "Two Ridiculous Young Maidens Ridiculed" starts with two maidens, Patos and Magdelon, who live their lives like a romance novel. They drive every man they date crazy. Eventually, their ex-lovers, Mascrelle and The Count, decide they are sick of the maiden's antics and hire two other men to pose as dukes. Many of Molière's plays are based on the idea of attempting to convince the audience and other characters in the plays that someone is something they are not.

The cast is comprised of 11 actors and actresses who will travel on the road to six different high schools in the area including Iowa-Grant, Cuba City and Lancaster. Traveling will provide an opportunity for recruitment and more performance opportunity.

"Usually, performers practice for six weeks and then perform four times, while in the professional world, plays can be performed up to a thousand times. In my time here, I have tried to provide opportunities for students to perform more than four times. In this case, they will be performing eight times, " said McCaslin-Doyle.

While visiting these high schools, cast members will work with the students in half-hour workshops. The students will be taught concentration and dramatic motivation techniques, as well as be introduced to pantomime work and creative dramatics.

"UWP students will be able to see a classic text, performed in a variety of ways," said McCaslin-Doyle, director of theatre studies. "We haven't had a classical play performed at UWP for two years. People shouldn't be afraid to see a classical work."

Admission to the performance is $2. Tickets can be attained at the UWP Box Office at (608) 342-1298.

McCaslin-Doyle described "The Two Ridiculous Young Maidens Ridiculed," as "over the top" and "a riot."

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This pane clears float!


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