Rademacher receives UWP super senior award

December 9, 2002

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2002_12_09.jpg Renee Rademacher of Sun Prairie truly is a "super senior."

PLATTEVILLE - From her volunteer work at a homeless shelter to serving as secretary and agricultural council representative for the Pioneer Dairy Club and representing the University of Wisconsin-Platteville at numerous conferences throughout the country, Renee Rademacher of Sun Prairie truly is a "super senior."

This fall, Rademacher, along with three other UWP graduating seniors, was chosen by the UW-Platteville Alumni Association as a recipient of the Super Senior/Honorary Life Membership Award. Nominated by Jodi McDermott, Sue Price and Mike Mee, all from the UWP School of Agriculture, Rademacher's leadership abilities have been evident throughout her academic career at UWP.

"I have been an agri-ambassador for three years and attended the National Ambassador Conference in California in January 2001," Rademacher said. "I also gave a presentation to high school students on careers and colleges one summer. I have been an active member of the Pioneer Dairy Club for four years and attended the American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) convention in Madison, Kansas and Illinois."

Rademacher's agricultural activities also include attending the Soil Water Conservation Society and Agronomy Convention in Utah, representing the Agricultural Council in events such as Harvest Days and tours of the Pioneer Farm, membership in the Agronomy Club for three years, one of which she served as secretary and participated in the Hugh Hammond Bennett play, and representing UWP on Agri-Talk, a national radio show that came to Platteville.

Growing up on a 650-acre farm south of Sun Prairie with a 120-dairy-cow operation has obviously influenced Rademacher's extra-curricular activities and choice to pursue a career in agribusiness, but this is one person who's experienced more than life on the farm. Rademacher studied abroad at St. Mary's College in London in fall 2001.

"I was just a farm girl who wanted to experience the big city," Rademacher said. "I wanted to be exposed to culture, people, education, language, foods, entertainment and transportation. I decided that this was the best time of my life to explore because it was for only three months and I could get education credits for it as well."

During her semester abroad, Rademacher also traveled to Italy and Germany. Aside from her agricultural involvement and study abroad, Rademacher's interests include playing sports - she was on the track team at UWP her freshman year and played intramural basketball for four years. She has also demonstrated leadership in the community, volunteering at the Lord Clyde Night Homeless Shelter, Christmas caroling for Children's Charity and serving as a eucharistic minister for St. Mary's Church. In addition to her extensive extra-curricular involvement, Rademacher also completed two internships.

"I had my first internship with Fort Dodge Animal Health selling animal pharmaceuticals and meeting producers," Rademacher said. "My second internship was with Hartung Brothers, Inc. I learned valuable computer experience and on the job training. These internships were expecially helpful towards my college career because of the networking and job experience within the agriculture industry."

Rademacher anticipates graduating this semester with a bachelor of science degree in agri-business and a comprehensive in animal science. Following graduation, she plans to move to Burlington where she has accepted a position working in agriculture sales. Rademacher is the daughter of Alan and Fran Rademacher of Sun Prairie and the fiancé of Brian Schaal of Burlington, who anticipates graduating from UWP in May 2003.

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