Psychology professor Bromley honored

October 2, 2003

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2003_10_02.jpgPLATTEVILLE - University of Wisconsin-Platteville Psychology Professor Patricia Bromley has a philosophy of teaching that mirrors her philosophy of counseling. The success of both depends on the relationships between student and instructor, counselor and counselee.

"In my life they are really intertwined. So much of who I am is to be a counselor, to be a therapist," she said.

Bromley has been honored as the recipient of the UWP Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence.

"It's so important to recognize excellence on campus," UWP Provost Carol Sue Butts said. "Pat Bromley is an excellent teacher. She's a model professor in terms of dealing with students and helping new faculty when they come on board."

Since 1992, Bromley has been a faculty member of the University and for eight years she also ran a private counseling practice. Teaching and practicing psychology have always kept her focused on changes and advances in the field.

"Staying current in the field is really very stimulating to me," Bromley said. "There's always something different in the field going on. You really have to keep up on all kinds of different levels."

After accepting a half-time position as assistant dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Education in May, in addition to her duties as the chair of the psychology department, Bromley only teaches one undergraduate class now and somewhat misses the daily contact with students.

"I'm only in the classroom for two days out of the week, so Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays seem very strange to me," Bromley said.

She does also teach an online psychology class and was the first member of the UWP psychology department to develop a course that can be taken entirely online.

An important guideline for the Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence is that instructors excel in the classroom and also impart their teaching knowledge to colleagues.

"Not only are we interested in their teaching excellence with students, but also that they have shared different teaching methods with colleagues - their sharing of knowledge," Butts said.

Bromley has presented many educational topics at various conferences throughout the nation. Along with the current Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Education Mittie Nimmocks, Bromley studied student anxiety in public speaking classes a few years ago. Their findings were presented at the National Communication Associations Annual Meeting in 2001, and were used to improve speech classes here at UWP.

She has also written about personal issues, career issues and assessment of clinical mental health counselors and has had monographs published by the Center for Excellence in Mental Health Counselor Training.

Also important for Bromley is the environment in which her colleagues work, and as chair of the UWP psychology department, she tries to foster a lively working environment.

"If people are excited about being in the psychology department, good things will start to happen," Bromley said. "We've done several different things to try to jazz things up." One thing she did was organize a trivia contest based on the department's faculty members, and also presented ideas for enlivening working environments at a psychology conference in 2001.

Bromley received her undergraduate degree in psychology from UW-Madison, a master's in counselor education degree from UWP and a doctoral degree in counseling psychology from UW-Madison. She resides in Lancaster, and in her spare time enjoys making jewelry and spending time with her dogs.

Earlier this month Bromley received a plaque for the accolade, which also included a $500 honorarium. Also honored was Interim Director of Admission and Enrollment Angela Udelhofen who received the UWP Academic Staff Award for Excellence.

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