Katie Vaassen to graduate from UWP

April 15, 2003

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2003_04_15.jpgPLATTEVILLE-Katie Vaassen, daughter of Terry and Bonnie Vaassen of Platteville, will be graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville this spring.

Vaassen grew up and attend school in Platteville her entire life.

"UW-Platteville has a great relationship with the community. The two are always working to make the most out of events," Vaassen said.

Vaassen chose to go to UWP for many reasons.

"I liked the size of the campus and I like knowing people when I walked down the mall from one class to the next. Mostly I chose Platteville because it was close to home," Vaassen said.

Vaassen, who has a heart condition, wanted to be sure that she would be close to her parents so that if she need anything or something were to happen they would be close by.

While at UWP, Vaassen was involved in many extra-curricular activities. She has been a student ambassador for two and a half years. Through student ambassadors she has helped organize the tuition raffle, organize the homecoming parade, help with Pioneer Preview days for incoming freshmen, and attend leadership conferences. Vaassen was also on homecoming court her junior year.

Vaassen's most time consuming activity on campus was as a manager for the men's basketball team. She attended all games (home and away) as well as most practices. She was even able to go to Florida with the team.

"I had to make sure that I stayed caught up on my homework throughout the season. Fortunately I was able to work my schedule around the games and practices.

Vaassen encourages all students to get involved in one of the 170 organizations on campus.

"It's a great way to meet people. You don't have to make UWP a suitcase college. The organizations will help make connections that can be very helpful when getting ready to graduate."

"I've been interviewing a lot," Vaassen said. "After graduation I would like to work in the Madison area."

Vaassen has also been nominated for the UWP "Super Senior" Award, which acknowledges seniors who have gone above and beyond.

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