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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

UWP Pioneer Farm hosts UW-Extension Management Assessment Center for Dairy Farm Owners/Managers

PLATTEVILLE - On Wednesday, March 17, and Thursday, March 18, the University of Wisconsin-Platteville Pioneer Farm will host a UW-Extension Management Assessment Center for Dairy Farm Owners/Managers at the Cooper Living and Learning Center at 29510 College Farm Road in Platteville.

Designed for dairy farmers/managers who are looking to explore and enhance their management capabilities, the MAC will focus on the emerging managerial role of producers in today's changing farm environment.

In order to help dairy farmers assess their existing managerial skills, MAC incorporates a variety of individual and group exercises and simulations. Such activities enable a participant to evaluate his or her aptitude in a number of dimensions, including communications; planning and organizing; leadership; decision making and judgment; management control; empathy; teamwork; and initiative.

Dave Wachter, Grant County dairy and livestock agent and the organizer of this event, emphasizes the MAC's goal of helping dairy farmers better understand the complexities of management.

"Everyone has a different management style and different strengths and weaknesses as a manager," he said. "The MAC is designed to help producers and other managers recognize their strong points and those areas where they can improve their management ability. People who have attended in the past have repeatedly indicated that this was very valuable to them."

The $50 registration fee covers two days of the MAC program, as well as lodging and meals. The fee also includes individual oral and written feedback and coaching to assist in action strategies, which will be delivered to participants in a mandatory one-on-one conference on Tuesday, March 30 at the UWP Pioneer Farm.

Because of the individualized nature of the MAC, enrollment is limited to 12 participants. Registration and payment to UW-Extension/Center for Dairy Profitability must be received by Friday, March 5.

For further information, including start time, contact Wachter at (608) 723-2125 or Send registration fee (made payable to UW-Extension/CDP) to Dave Wachter, Grant County-UW-Extension, P.O. Box 31, Lancaster, WI 53813.

Contact: Dave Wachter, Grant County dairy and livestock agent, ?UW Extension - Youth and Agriculture Center, (608) 723-2125, Written by: Sarah Miller, UWP Office of Public Relations, (608) 342-1194,

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