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Thursday, December 11, 2008

UWP's IBRC receives U.S. Department of Education grant

PLATTEVILLE - "The future of this country depends on our students exposure to major foreign markets," said Louis Nzegwu, director, University of Wisconsin-Platteville International Business Resource Center. "We need to strengthen international education and understand what goes on outside the United States."

In July of this year, the IBRC received $87,000 from the U.S. Department of Education as a result of the work that the IBRC has done with international emerging markets that it started in 2007 under the Global Partnership Project. "We intend to continue the work that we started and that is to provide international education and maintain some competitiveness within the world economy," Nzegwu said.

Nzegwu said the GPP aims to help students develop international skills and understand the nuances of trade with African nations. In addition, the grant is aimed at strengthening global business by helping small to medium sized companies through an export assistance program. The GPP is one of the grants awarded to help strengthen priority areas defined by the department that should be targeted by educational institutions. Among the priorities are areas of the world that have been declared in need of further international business development by the Department of Education.

In January, Nzegwu will accompany 12 students on a learning experience that will span six cities in three countries. The study tour titled "Doing Business in North Africa" will be focused mainly in northern Africa, where students will have the opportunity to see a rapidly emerging economy while being immersed within the culture of the area. Students will also be visiting key educational institutions in Egypt and Tunisia. Nzegwu said that learning the attributes of another country's business practices are crucial but understanding the intricacies of the culture is just as important.

"Areas we have visited such as Cairo, Egypt, have a major political influence in the world and students will learn something they will use from both cultural and business aspects," Nzegwu said.

For information about the IBRC grant or study abroad tours, contact the IBRC at (608) 342-1597 or

Contact: Louis Nzegwu, director, UWP International Business Resource Center, (608) 342-1597, Written by: Jason McGraw, UWP Public Relations, (608) 342-1194,

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