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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Susan Hansen represents UWP as Teaching Scholar

PLATTEVILLE - University of Wisconsin-Platteville professor, Susan Hansen has been selected to represent UWP as a Wisconsin Teaching Scholar.

Every year, each school in the UW System selects an established member of the faculty or academic staff who has been instrumental in developing new teaching and learning plans, and has proven to be an inspiration for education.

"Each scholar embarks on a research project aimed at evaluating and advancing the student learning experience," Hansen said. "This year, the Scholars hope to learn about how they can improve their teaching so that true learning takes place."

Linda Metzger, UWP student, said that Hansen presents very complex information in a non-intimidating way. "She's great at drawing parallels from what is being learned in the text and lecture to real-life examples and current events," Metzger said. Textbooks have changed as well. Today's student aides are laden with colorful graphs, pictures and a myriad of what Hansen refers to as learning objects.

"She utilizes lecture with PowerPoint and group exercises accompanied with discussion to better clarify the objectives of the exercise," Metzger said.

"My global business class, which is an introductory class, has students that have been around computers their whole lives," Hansen said. "Students today are more dependant on technology."

With students comprehending and processing information differently than they did 10 years ago, teaching styles have to change. "Learning styles have changed over the years. We have to find out what hits the student, to meet the student where they are at," Hansen said.

Hansen has taken a well-rounded career path before arriving at UWP. "I've worn a lot of hats," said Hansen. After graduating from Bethany College in Kansas, Hansen entered the job force as a treasurer for Roundup Enterprises and over the next seven years, worked as a controller for both Colonial Savings and Loan and Kornfeld-Thorp Inc. During that time, she earned her MBA in finance from the University of Missouri at Kansas City. She then received her DBA in international business from the University of Sarasota while she was the coordinator of the online business program at UWP.

Contact: Susan Hansen, professor, business and accounting, (608) 342-1436, Written by: Jason McGraw, UWP Public Relations, (608) 432-1194,

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