Faculty and Staff

student and faculty working in an NCCRD lab

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Full-TIme Staff

James P. Hamilton, Ph.D.
Wisconsin Distinguished Professor, Department of Chemistry and Engineering Physics
Director, Nanotechnology Center for Collaborative Research and Development
E-mail: hamiltoj@uwplatt.edu
Tel: 608.342.1670
Office: Ottensman 217

Jorge Camacho, Ph.D.
Research Associate
E-mail: camachoj@uwplatt.edu
Tel: 608.342.1987
Office: Ottensman 52

Student Staff

Ethan Becker
E-mail: beckereth@uwplatt.edu

Abigail C. Chadwick
E-mail: chadwicka@uwplatt.edu

Alexander Day
Major: Computer Science; Mathematics
E-mail: dayal@uwplatt.edu

Robinson Flaig
Major: Chemistry; Micro Nano
E-mail: flaigr@uwplatt.edu

Kjerstin Gronski
Major: Chemistry; Micro Nano
E-mail: gronskik@uwplatt.edu

Katherine Jinkins
Major: Engineering Physics; Micro Nano
E-mail: jinkinsk@uwplatt.edu

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