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Multicultural Services offers scholarships for students who come from a minority background. Please contact Financial Aid for more information. We also offer summer Pre-College Programs for high school students (8th-11th grade).


The Lawton grant is a UW Systems grant to assist under-represented student retention at UW-Platteville. Only Wisconsin residents are eligible for this state-funded grant. More info...

Internship/Coop/Other Opportunities

Find internship, coop and other educational opportunities that you can apply for.  This list is updated as we receive information about new opportunities.  More info...

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events includes events offered through the Office of Multicultural Students Affairs.  More info...

Scholarship Information

Learn about various scholarship opportunities offered through UW-Platteville as well as national scholarships.  More info...


The Diversity Education Fund (DEF) is intended to support the retention, leadership development, academic support, professional development and graduation of underrepresented students. More info...

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