Vocational/Technical Concentration

This concentration includes education courses meeting certification requirements for technical college faculty. Students in the program may also choose to enroll in graduate courses in their particular field of study or discipline to meet the concentration requirement, if that will be more relevant.

Participating in off-campus UW-Platteville’s School of Education classes

Tuition and Fees
Tuition and fee information is available on the UWP cashier’s page.

Registration and Payment
Registration is done differently, depending on if you are taking a certification course, a weekend course, or an on-campus course. To take a WCTS certification course for UWP graduate credit, register for the class at your place of employment AND through the Office of Continuing Education at this address: http://www.uwplatt.edu/cont_ed/classes/tech/

If you are taking a weekend course, watch for a mailed registration packet and mail or fax your registration by the deadline indicated in the packet. If you are taking an on-campus course, please contact the Graduate Office to register if it is your first semester; in subsequent semesters, register in PeopleSoft by following these instructions (please note that only the on-campus classes can be registered using PeopleSoft): PeopleSoft Registration Guide

Financial Aid
Students officially admitted into the MSE degree program and registered for at least 5 credits per semester are eligible for financial aid. See the Financial Aid web page. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be completed; call 608-342-1836 for an application.

Textbooks and materials
Students in on-campus courses use the Textbook Center. For all weekend courses, students must purchase their own books prior to the start of class. See the registration page for textbook information.

Library access
As a registered UW-Platteville student, you will be eligible to use Karrmann Library resources and will have access to those resources on-line. Please see the Guide for Off-Campus Users at our website or see Off-Campus Users on the Karrmann Library website.

You may also use the libraries at UW System campuses in your area (UW-Platteville student ID may be required to check out materials).

You will receive a syllabus for each course with information about readings, assignments, exams, and grading. These are concentrated courses. So much information is covered during each meeting that missing one session will make a difference in your performance.

Classes are offered face-to-face or via interactive video distance technology at technical college, high school, or UW campus locations. For distance learning classes, the faculty is usually at the UW-Platteville campus, and schedules visits to the remote sites during the semester.

Registering for Graduate Credit for Technical College Certification Courses
Employees of Southwest Technical College, Blackhawk Technical College, MATC-Madison, and MATC-Milwaukee may register for the certification courses listed below under “Concentration”. In addition to registering for the course at your place of employment, you must register for graduate credit by selecting this link, which will take you to the Office of Continuing Education page at UWP: http://www.uwplatt.edu/cont_ed/

Projection of Course Offerings

The sequence of courses outlined below may vary slightly, depending on faculty availability and course enrollments. Each class requires a minimum of 12 - 15 students. If enrollment for a class falls below the minimum, the School of Education reserves the right to cancel the class.

Tentative Rotation of Weekend Courses
UW-Platteville MSE Adult Education Program

Classes are offered face-to-face or via interactive video distance technology at technical college, high school, or UW campus locations. For distance learning classes, the faculty visits sites during the semester

Required Areas of Study
All of the courses offered in the off-campus MSE program are aligned with the following areas of study, which include four core areas (A-D) and a concentration area (E)
  1. Foundations (3 credit minimum)
  2. Research (3 credit minimum)
    • Courses deal primarily with research methodology appropriate to adult education, including data collection procedures and interpretation of research studies related to student’s area of concentration.
    • Course that meets this requirement:
      Research Procedures (3 credits)
  3. Theories of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (3 credit minimum)
  4. Curriculum (3 credit minimum)
    • Courses address instructional strategies in teaching adults, concepts and procedures in developing adult education programs, organizational analysis and management.
    • Course that meets this requirement:
      Program Planning for Adults (3 credits)
  5. Concentration (9-18 credits)