FAQs About Registration

Q: If I am not officially accepted yet, can I still take classes?
A: Yes. Register the way the other students do (see “How to Register”). Your classification will be “special student” until you are admitted. Up to 12 UWP credits can be taken as a special student and still count toward a graduate degree. Tuition and book rental are exactly the same, but special students cannot receive financial aid.

Q: Will financial aid cover my classes?
A: Only students who are admitted to the graduate program as a degree-seeking student, and are taking at least five credits in a term are eligible for financial aid (which generally means loans, at the graduate student level). Students must complete the FAFSA.

Q: Is the registration deadline a firm deadline?
A: Yes and no. Sometimes if we receive insufficient registrations, a class will be cancelled that would have run, had people registered in a timely fashion. Do not procrastinate! However, if a student registers after the deadline it is often possible to still attend the class. The textbook may not be available to this student the first weekend, so the student may want to order a textbook from Amazon.com.

Q: Can I take an online class from UWP and have it apply to the degree?
A: Consult your advisor. In some cases this will work, in other cases it will not.

Q: Will courses taken for graduate credit through UWP Continuing Education appear on my transcript?
A: Yes, and these ordinarily will count toward the MSE.

Q: How will I know I'm registered?
A: If registering using PASS, it will be apparent whether your registration has been completed. If you still have questions, use your self-service area in PASS to check your enrollment. The class will show up on your current registrations and your transcript. If you are new and registering through the graduate office, they will send you an email confirming your registration.

Q: Does my tuition cover textbook rental?
A: Yes. The instructor or a staff member will distribute them the first night of class and you must be ready to turn them in the last day of class.

Q: Do I have to take a book?
A: No. Some students know they want to own all their books and prefer to order them online themselves, to have a new book. This is often less expensive than purchasing though the Textbook Center at the end of class.

Q: Are there grants?
A: The AOP Grant is available for students of color and students who come from financially disadvantaged backgrounds. See program staff or the website for an application.

Q: Can I get a user ID and password before registering for classes?
A: No. But once you are registered, on-campus students should go to the student center and get an photo ID, and off-campus students should ask the advisor to request a user ID and password. This is essention so that you can check your financial record, registration, and transcript in PeopleSoft (and use the library).