Off-campus Master of Science in
Adult Education (MSE) Degree Program

The mission of the UW-Platteville MSE program in Adult Education is to provide high quality, accessible graduate education to students seeking to serve adults in educational and human service settings.

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Meeting the needs of working adults
Program overview
The learning needs of adults are unique due to career demands, family commitments, and life experiences which affect how they learn. The MSE degree program, Adult Education Emphasis, provides advanced study to develop and enhance skills in designing, delivering, and assessing educational programs for adults.

The Adult Education MSE program is offered face-to-face in Milwaukee, Madison, Racine, Janesville, and Platteville using interactive TV. Students may pursue a concentration in human services or vocational technical education (see below).

Student Learning Outcomes
  1. Graduates recognize the unique characteristics of adult learners and clients.
  2. Graduates design and implement programs appropriate for adults.
  3. Graduates evaluate the economic, social, and political characteristics of the communities and schools in which they work.
  4. Graduates critically examine significant theories and philosophical orientations relevant to their intended work settings.
  5. Graduates evaluate research literature in their areas of interest.
  6. Graduates design and conduct independent research projects.

Assessment Plan





Class Writing
Practicum or
Service Learning
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Two Concentrations

The MSE in Adult Education with Human Services Concentration focuses on the behavioral sciences and mental health theory, through selected courses in psychology, counselor education, criminal justice, communication, business administration, and related disciplines. The concentration is designed to meet the educational needs of bachelor-level human services professionals who need to earn a master's degree to meet career goals and certification requirements. Combining adult education and mental health theory courses in the MSE program adds a theoretical framework to the knowledge and skills base of human services practitioners.

The MSE in Adult Education with Vocational/Technical Concentration includes education courses meeting certification requirements for technical college faculty. Students in the program may also choose to enroll in graduate courses in their particular field of study or discipline to meet the concentration requirement, if that will be more relevant.

The toll-free number for the MSE Degree Program is 1-800-208-7041.

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