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Welcome to Morrow Hall

Morrow Hall, named after Homer B. Morrow and built in 1967, provides accommodations for approximately 68 women and 197 men. Morrow Field, a softball diamond, is located nearby. Some of the traditions in Morrow Hall include Wednesday Night Popcorn and the annual service project "Morrow Works Week"!

From the Desk of the Resident Director

Ah February… A time for love, history, conferences, room reservations, and buckets of snow.

1.) Valentine’s Day Events: Some of our February Friday Night Clubs will be celebrating Valentine’s day. Melcher reminds us that V-day isn’t just for couples. February 6 enjoy mocktails and speed dating at the Melcher Mixer. On February 13 celebrate with some McGregor Sweet Cakes.

2.) Black History Month: There are plenty of ways to celebrate Black History Month on campus and within Morrow. Check out our Periodic Table of Black History on 1E. Look out for other events on our Facebook Page. Also attend Ebony Weekend events Feb 6-8th. For more details on Ebony Weekend please click here.

3.) WURHA Conference: UW-Platteville is honored to be hosting this year’s WURHA Conference. Student leaders from all over Wisconsin will be joining us on campus February 20-22. The 2015 WURHA Philanthropy is Passing on Hope, a non-profit founded by Morrow Hall’s very own Trevor Hanson. To learn more about Passing on Hope please click here.

4.) Room Reservations: The online room sign-up process for UW-Platteville continuing students seeking a residence hall room space will be available on the following dates:
• Southwest Hall:  Currently available to students who have taken 60 or more univeristy credits since they have graduated high school or are 21 years of age or older.
• February 9-11, 2015:  Same Room Sign Up, reserve your current space for the 2015-16 academic year.
• February 12-15, 2015: Students with 60 or more university credits taken since high school
• February 16-27, 2015:  Students with less than 60 university credits taken since high school

Your application is considered legally submitted once you check the box on your e-application, however your space will not be reserved beyond your application window until your Residence Life pre-payment is submitted.  You may pay $150 pre-payment via credit card online or by submitting a check to the Department of Residence Life in Royce Hall.

Just a reminder that UW-Platteville enforces the UW Board of Regent two-year residency policy stating all freshmen and sophomore students must live in university residence halls unless they meet established criteria for exemption.

For more information on Room Reservations please click here.

5.) SEP: Snow Emergency Parking is in effect. This means when a SEP is declared students may have to move their cars from street or parking lot spaces. Pay attention to the signage around the halls for more information on SEP.

Have a wonderful February Morrow Hall!

Melissa Stoner
Morrow Hall Resident Director

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