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Morrow Hall, named after Homer B. Morrow and built in 1967, provides accommodations for approximately 68 women and 197 men. Morrow Field, a softball diamond, is located nearby. Starting Fall 2018, Morrow Hall will become the Sustainability Interest Community. One of the traditions in Morrow Hall is the annual service project: "Morrow Hall Works Week"! 

From the Desk of the Resident Director

Happy September everyone!

My name is Olivia Kopecky and I am the Resident Director for Morrow Hall this year. This is my second year as a RD at Platteville and I have been exploring the area while biking this summer. I am originally from Webster, WI where I grew up on a hobby farm. I love to crochet, hike, cook, travel, go skiing, watch Netflix, and try new things. I am glad to see everyone back on campus after moving in and starting classes. I hope the transition has been smooth and exciting for you as we begin the year.

As you checked in, you received a lot of information from your Resident Assistant (RA). Definitely get to know who they are because they want to get to know you too! Here are a few things that they will be needing from you this month:

1. Your Personal Data Form (PDF): make sure you complete this and turn it in ASAP!

2. A Room Check Form (RCF): thoroughly check over your room and sign this green sheet with your roommate.

3. Your signature on the Community Agreement and a Roommate Agreement. These will be completed based off of your RAs wing specific timeline that they will share with you.

4. Your attendance at Hall Involvement Team meetings on Wednesday nights at 9pm in the Cave. We have a lot of cool events, socials, and programs coming up that you will not want to miss! Beyond the events, there are many ways to stay connected to the hall throughout the year such as liking our Facebook page. I will be posting regularly with tips, guides, publicity, and photos to keep the community united. Also, follow your RAs wing webpage to stay up to date on what they are doing to build the community.

5. Also, purchase an activity pass at the Morrow Hall front desk to gain access to all of our awesome equipment! Passes are $15 per year or $8/semester.

Do you still have questions about what to bring to campus? Check out these two resources: The Residence Hall Handbook and the Guide to Living on Campus. Both documents are very important to read and review regarding policies in the Residence Halls.

Friday Night Clubs: These happen on Fridays throught the year. Look at our FNC Bulletin Board by the front desk to see the details about the Friday Night Club happening each week. These events are free, fun, and on-campus!

Coming up in October is Homecoming! This is a fabulous way to get involved and show both hall spirit as well as school spirit! Morrow Hall will be participating in several Homecoming events over the course of the week and we are still looking for people to join in on the fun. More information to come.

Safety Tip of the Month: Prevention is key to remain safe on campus. Be sure to report any suspicious behavior to University Police. Take some time this month to review the Shots Fired video provided to you on the University Police website. This video talks in depth about how to remain safe should an active shooter situation occur here at Platteville. lease be smart with your decisions and make sure you are keeping yourself safe. UW-Platteville has several great programs already in place to ensure safety of our students. Take a moment and add the Safe Walk number into your phone. This number is 608.348.2313 and is dispatched through the Platteville Police Department. Another great way to avoid walking alone is by utilizing the campus shuttle. Safety doesn’t stop when you return to the building though, be sure to be locking your doors while sleeping or making sure your door is shut while you or your roommate is out of the room. Be sure to have a conversation with your friends about how to be safe when out and about on campus. Lastly, please be sure to consult a staff member when anything seems suspicious or out of the ordinary. It is important that we all work together to make UW-Platteville a safe space!

If you ever have questions, don't hesitate to reach out. Let's have a great year by getting involved!

Olivia Kopecky
Morrow Hall Resident Director


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Meeting Times: Wednesdays @ 9pm

Location: MPR/ The Cave

Contact: Olivia Kopecky, Advisor

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