Good mentoring relationships can be among the most rewarding and fruitful associations during your career. Such relationships also have the potential to yield positive outcomes in the organizations where they flourish.

We hope you will explore some of the resources available here. Information about desired outcomes for and assessments of UW-Platteville’s mentoring program is available from links off the menu bar at left. Information about mentoring logistics, the history of mentoring, its advantages, suggestions for dealing with any potential concerns, ten top tips for mentors, and dos and don’ts for new employees can be found in the PowerPoint presentation.

Most suggested web sites and scholarly articles available from links off this page pertain to mentoring in higher education. Extensive literature related to mentoring in the workplace and in K-12 education also exists, however.

At UW-Platteville, all new instructional and non-instructional academic staff and faculty members with at least a 50% appointment are assigned a mentor by their department chair or supervisor. Those hired in the summer attend a university orientation session and separate mentoring meeting in August, when they meet their mentors. The mentoring pairs participate in the formal program for the entire academic year and may mutually agree to extend the informal relationship beyond the year, though that is optional. New employees who are hired September 1 or later are officially assigned to a mentor the following August.

The expectations check sheets for new employees and mentors may be particularly useful for mentors and new employees who are just getting acquainted. It also may be helpful for mentoring pairs to have a copy of the mentoring agreement, which is discussed in the August mentoring meeting.

Contact information for individuals affiliated with the mentoring program appears in the general mentoring brochure. Please feel free to pass along any suggestions or comments about mentoring at the university to them or to us.


Alison Bunte, Director
School of Education
Laura Anderson, Assistant Dean
College of Liberal Arts and Education
Priscilla Hahn, Learning Specialist
Student Support Services
Barb Daus, Special Assistant to the Chancellor
Marge Karsten, Professor
Department of Business and Accounting

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