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Welcome to Melcher Hall

Melcher Hall, named after Milton L. Melcher and built in 1966, is home for approximately 255 men. Melcher Hall residents are active in numerous campus and community events. Melcher Hall residents enjoy a recently renovated Party/Game Room and basement, which includes a newer kitchen for special meals, television area, and meeting area. 

From the Desk of the Resident Director

Happy December Melcher!

I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving break and are ready to tackle the last few weeks of this semester.

If you're wondering to yourself when the next break is, that would be Winter break. Winter break begins Friday December 19th and lasts until Winterim January 4th. If you would like to stay in Melcher over winterim please ensure that you have turned in you intent sheet with Winterim indicated. These intent sheets are very important and if we do not recieve an intent sheet from you, your door access will not be authorized over winterim. If you have not signed up for a winterim class you may begin returning to Melcher January 18th for class beginning January 20th. PLEASE NOTE: No one is allowed to stay in Melcher from 6pm Friday December 19th until 8am January 4th.

There are somethings for you to remember to do before you leave. Please shut off all alarms clocks, close your windows, and remember to lock your door. Additionally please unplug all applicances expect for your refrigarators, freezers, and automatic fish feeders. Your room will need to have the garbage taken out, perishables taken with you, and the window shut with the lights off.

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Melcher's Hall Forum is continueing on for a few more weeks only. We will be having meetings every Wednesday in the west side basement, staring at 9pm. The hall forum has dedicated much time and energy to updating the two bulletin boards in lobby. Stop by and check out each week's Wing wars and the winner of the Super SmashBros tournament. . If you would like to get on the Hall Forum's agenda please email either Christopher Goodenough, or Matthew Erickson.


Best of luck on your finals!

Every day is a great day to be a Pioneer,

James Zarling
Melcher Hall Resident Director

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