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Welcome to Melcher Hall

Melcher Hall, named after Milton L. Melcher and built in 1966, is home for approximately 255 men. Melcher Hall residents are active in numerous campus and community events. Melcher Hall residents enjoy a recently renovated Party/Game Room and basement, which includes a newer kitchen for special meals, television area, and meeting area. 

From the Desk of the Resident Director

Hello Melcher Hall,

I hope your spring semester is going well and you’re accomplishing everything you set out to do!

It is hard to believe, but we are already almost at the halfway point of the semester! March 13 will be the end of the first eight weeks, at which point we have Spring Break! Melcher Hall will close for the week of Spring Break at 6 pm on Friday, March 13, and will reopen at noon on Sunday, March 22. Students are not able to stay in Melcher Hall over the break, so please plan accordingly!

Hall forum is continuing to look at creating new and inventive programs for the residents of the building. They are looking at creating a campus wide food drive, video game tournament, and a math study session just in time for mid-terms. Melcher’s RHA representatives have also been involved in the campus wide conversation about a possible e-cig ban on the university beginning next year. Please join us Wednesday nights at 9pm in the Melcher West basement for more information and to share your perspective.

A special note with the kitchen in the basement. This area has been left dirty, food has been left on the counters and on the floor, and in general it is not being taken care of. We will look at closing down the kitchen if this continues. We have removed the garbage can in the kitchen as ants have been a major problem due to food being left in the garbage. Please take all garbage and food out of the kitchen when you are done using it.

Best of luck on your midterms!

Every day is a great day to be a Pioneer!

James Zarling
Melcher Hall Resident Director

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