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Media studies:

A foundation in media literacy and multimedia

Media Studies majors receive a foundation in media literacy and multimedia. The Media Studies program emphasizes professional development and critical thinking, which are in high demand by employers.

Many of our courses utilize high impact learning practices, offering a strong base in communication aesthetics, writing, production planning, critical analysis, and important media theories.

This education will have a profound impact on your project development skills and post-graduation success. The critical base knowledge and class integration in media studies will lead you beyond being a media technician, to a valuable media professional and leader who understands how to communicate across the media.

Media Studies Major

MS 1230 Visual Communication
MS 1630 Introduction to Mass Media
MS 1930 Basic Photography
MS 2050 Writing for Electronic Media
MS 2090 Web Development Basic
MS 2230 Digital Media Technologies
MS 2470 Production Foundations
MS 3090 Web Development Intermediate
MS 3500 Photography II
MS 3770 Theories in Media & Cultures
MS 3840 Production Capstone
MS 3930 Communication Law
MS 4990 Media Studies Internship


Media Studies: Director's Welcome

Director's Welcome

The Media Studies program is now a part of the School of Business.

Dr. Susan Hansen, Director of School of Business, welcomes you!

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