Proposed Course Offerings

Approved Technical Electives for Mechanical Engineering Students
Subject to approval and availability of faculty.
Required courses are offered every fall and spring semester.

X = class is planned on being offered this term
M = course counts towards a minor im MEMS-Nanomaterials
May = Maymester
R = course counts towards a minor in Renewables
S = course will be offered via streaming video

Proposed M.E. Technical Elective Offerings

Course Name of Course (Professor) Credits Spr '15 Fall'15 Spr '16 Fall'16 Spr '17 Fall '17
ME4430 Advanced Materials (Kunz) - M 3 X       X  
ME4440 Faiure of Material (Fick) - M 3 S X   S    
ME4500 Biomedical Engineering (Kunz) - M 3     X     X
ME4520 Power Plant Design (McClanahan) - R 3     ?      
ME4550 Heat Transfer Applications (Schlager) 3   X   X   X
ME4560 Compuational Fluid Dynamics (Zolper/Camacho) 3         X  
ME4600 Energy Systems Design (Rolle) - R 3   X   X    
ME4630 Int. Combustion Engine Design (Hoerning) - R 3 X   X   X  
ME4640 Mech. Design of IC Engines (Kunz) 3   X   X   X
ME4650 Environmental Control Design (Schlager/Rolle) 3   X X   X  
ME4740 Mechanical Systems Design (Ravi/Logan) 3 X     X    
ME4750 Comp. Methods for Engineers (???) 3            
ME4800 Finite Element Methods (Logan/Zampaloni) - M 3 X   X   X  
ME4830 Mechatronics (Momot) 3     X     X
ME4840 Vibration System Design (Ravi/Logan/Momot) - M 3       X   X
ME4850 Computer Aided Engineering (Ravi) 3            
ME4980 Special Topics: Advanced Manufacturing (Obielodan) 3   X       X
ME4980 Special Topics: Deformation Mechanisms (Fick) 3         X  
ME4980 Special Topics: Microfluidics (Camacho) 3     X      
ME4980 Special Topics: Dsgn & Cntl of Manuf. Proc. (Campbell) 3 S     S    
ME4980 Special Topics: Noise Control (Lerner) 3   S     X  

Courses in other departments (check PASS for availability and prerequisites):

  • EE 4310: Modern Control Systems
  • IE 4430: Quality Engineering
  • IE 4730: Engineering Management
  • IE 4830: Engineering Continuous Improvement
  • MSNT 4230: Design, Fabrication, and Simulation of MEMS


Winterim and Summer Courses

Course Name of Course (Prof.) Wtr'14 Sum'14 Wtr'15 Sum'15 Wtr'16 Sum'16
ME3230 Manufacturing Processes (Ravi) X   X   X  
ME3330 Design of Machine Elements (Logan)   May   May   May
ME4740 Mechanical Systems Design (Ravi)            
ME4850 Computer Aided Eng. (Ravi/Zampaloni)   S   S    
ME4??? Advanced Manufacturing (Obielodan)       S    
ME4520 Power Plant Design (McClanahan)           S
ME4430 Advanced Materials (Zampaloni)   S       S


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