Momot To Teach in Scotland

Dalkeith Palace

Dr. Momot to Teach in Scotland

For the first time since 1986, the Wisconsin in Scotland program will have engineering courses in its offering.  The Wisconsin in Scotland allows students from anywhere in the UW-System to live, study and experience a foreign culture in Dalkeith, Scotland.  Students stay in Dalkeith Palace, a manor house in a suburb of Edinburgh.  The program is a semester long program allowing students to take a full load while they explore the untamed mountains of the highlands or shop in the stores on the King's Mile.  Host families ensure that students see how the Scots live and eat enriching the students culturally.

Dr. Momot will stay with the students during the Spring Semester of 2014.  He will be teaching Statics and Dynamics, two courses that all engineers  may take for credit, as well as a History of Engineering and Technology course.  The History of Engineering and Technology will be new course, but it is well suited for the program.  Many great inventions, inventors and concepts were developed in Scotland, including

  • the steam engine (James Watt)
  • the bicycle (Kirkpatrick McMillan)
  • the light bulb (Joseph Swan)
  • Alexander Graham Bell (inventor of telephone and one of the pioneers in hydrofoil technology)
  • Dr. Joseph Black (concept of heat capacity)
  • James Maxwell (Maxwell's equations)

Anyone interested in getting more information on the trip may find Dr. Momot in Ottensman room 011.


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