ME Students 2nd in National Competition

Manufacturing Award Presentation
Presentation of the Manufacturing Concept

A spring 2013 manufacturing processes (ME 3230) class project on “Hand Operated Mixing Cup” authored by the quartet of Sean Pietri, Chad Steger, Stephen VandeZande, and Riley Zehner won the second place award in the 2013 Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM) annual competition. The competition was sponsored by the Rapid Technologies and Additive Manufacturing Community and Society of Manufacturing Engineers (RTAM/SME).  For 2013, students were asked to go beyond “just making parts” to utilize additive manufacturing for the creation of a machine. The product would comprise a functional mechanism or assembly with moving parts that would be impossible to make using traditional processes. The geometry of the design was to be defined within a three-dimensional, computer-aided design (CAD) system capable of producing robust STL files necessary for direct digital manufacturing. Dr. John Obielodan, who taught the class, gave the student groups the freedom to initiate project topics of their choice following the guidelines specified in the national competition problem statement. The students, under the advisement of Professor Obielodan, applied the fundamental principles of additive manufacturing taught in the class to select materials, processes and process-specific product features in the class projects. Two top projects were submitted from the eight groups in the class with one taking the second place award in the national competition.
The award was announced at the SME's annual RAPID Conference & Exposition, held June 10-13, 2013, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A certificate of achievement was issued and a complementary one-year student membership was given to the students. In addition, the students’ project will be fabricated using the selective laser sintering process specified in their entry and sent to them. The entry submitted by students from University of Massachusetts-Lowell, won the first place award this year. The DDM Competition is held annually and is open to all universities in the United States.

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