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Mechanical engineers meet the needs of society in many important ways, including the following: the use and economical conversion of energy from natural sources-falling water, coal, oil, gas, nuclear fuels, solar radiation, and thermal springs-into other forms to provide power, heat, light, cooling, and transportation; the design and production of labor-saving machines; the creative planning, development, and operation of mechanical systems for using energy, machines, and resources; the processing of materials into useful products. Mechanical engineering involves almost all technological aspects of equipment and processes. Mechanical engineers serve such diverse industries as electronics, power, food processing, transportation, machine tool, nuclear, heavy equipment, and mining.

General Education and Foreign Language Note

The Mechanical Engineering program satisfies UW-Platteville general education requirements.  All students will be required to have either one year of foreign language in high school OR one semester of foreign language at the college or university level in order to graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

General Requirements for a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME) Degree

Total credits for graduation:  123 credits
Major Studies: 99 credits
Note:  Emphasized courses form the General Engineering Core and count toward the CGPA.

Math and Science  (31 credits)

Subject Number Title Credits
Math 2640 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I 4
Math 2740 Calculus and Analytic Geometry II 4
Math 2840 Calculus and Analytic Geometry III 4
Math 3630 Differential Equations 3
Math 4030 Statistical Methods 3
Chem    1450 Chemistry for Engineers 5
Phys    2240 General Physics I 4
Phys    2340 General Physics II 4

General Engineering (19 credits)

Subject Number Title Credits
GE      1030 *Intro. to Engineering Projects 1
GE      2030 Engineering Modeling and Design 3
GE      2820 Engineering Economy 2
GE      2130 Statics 3
GE 2230 Dynamics 3
GE 2340 Mechanics of Materials 4
GE 2930 Applications of Electrical Engineering 3

General Education (25 to 34 Credits)

Subject Number Title Credits
Engl 1130 Freshman Composition I 3
Engl 1230 Freshman Composition II 3
Speech 1010 Public Speaking 2
PE 1000 Fitness Assessment and Mangaement 1
PE 1xxx Physical Activity 1
    Humanities Elective 3
    Fine Arts Elective 3
    Historical Perspective Elective 3
    Social Science Elective 3
    Social Science Elective 3
    Int'l Education / Int'l Excahnge
(not req'd. if met with above courses)
    Ethnic Studies
(not req'd. if met with above courses)
    Gender Studies
(not req'd. if met with above courses)

Foreign Language I
(a student is considered deficient in this area if the
student does not have at least one year of a
high school language)


Professional Engineering (48 Credits)

Subject Number Title Credits
ME 2630 Thermodynamics 3
ME 3030 Dynamical Systems 3
ME 3040 Engineering Materials 3
ME 3230 Manufacturing Processes 3
ME 3300 Fluid Dynamics 3
ME 3330 Design of Machine Elements 3
ME 3430 Introduction to Computational Methods 3
ME 3640 Heat Transfer 3
ME 3720 Mechanical Systems Lab 3
ME 3830 Mechanisms and Machines 3
ME 4330 Automatic Controls 3
ME 4720 Thermal Systems Lab 2
ME 4730 Thermal Systems Design 3
ME 4930 Senior Design 3
ME 4xx0 Technical Elective 3
ME 4xx0 Technical Elective 3
ME xxx0 Either a technical elective, research, co-op or internship 1

* Students who do not place into Math 2530: Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry or higher must take GE1000: Engineering Success Skills as well as GE1030: Introduction to Engineering Projects.

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