Alumni and Businesses

Corporate Involvement

There are many opportunities for corporations to be involved with the mechanical engineering program at the Unversity of Wisconsin-Platteville.  If any of the following pertain to your situation, please contact us.

  1. Project Sponsor - Our Senior Design course offers real-world problems to graduating seniors.  A business partner works with a small group of students to develop an engineering solution to a particular problem the business is facing.  The projects help both the seniors and the corporate sponsor.   The students learn how to attack real problems, while the corporate sponsor gets a creative engineering solution to a problem that it would not otherwise have the resources to attack.  Past projects include the development of a nozzle for a snow making machine, design improvements for a manufactured tree stand, and the development of a machine for cutting sandpaper.
  2. Advisory Board - If the student is the product of a good education, then the corporation is the consumer.  The advisory board is where the engineering departments interface with industry to determine what qualities are required for students.  The Advisory Board meets on campus twice a year.  If you would like to influence the upper-level educational system, please consider being a member.
  3. Donations - Donations can be either in terms of equipment of money. 


Alumni can be involved by giving feedback to the mechanical engineering program, helping to recruit students, and by donating money.  If you would like to get involved in any way, please contact us.

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