Mechanical Engineering

Spring 2015 M.E. Graduates

Some outstanding features of the Mechanical Engineering Program include:

  • Modern laboratories featuring digital data acquisition and processing
  • Excellent student-faculty contact ratio
  • Friendly and approachable faculty and staff
  • A solid commitment to undergraduate education
  • An emphasis on the practical aspects of the theory
  • A commitment to team-working and communication skills
  • Accreditation by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (EAC/ABET)

Employment Opportunities

A mechanical engineer (ME) may seek employment in a variety of areas.  Some of these areas are:  manufacturing, development, design, research, sales, field engineering, and management.  Their versatility, structured problem solving skills, imagination, and persistence combine to make mechanical engineers one of the most sought after types of employees by business and industry.   MEs have made contributions in just about every industry, including aerospace, automation, automotive, computer, construction, heating and cooling, lighting, medical, and paper.  The ME degree also provides an excellent background for those seeking advanced degrees in biomedical engineering, aerospace engineering, and business administration.  Employers of recent M.E. graduates include Caterpillar, General Kinematics, General Motors, Hormel, John Deere, Kimberly-Clark, Modine, and Sundstrand.

Contact Information

For more information about the mechanical engineering program at UW-Platteville, please send your questions to the MEIE department chairperson.  For general information concerning UW-Platteville, send inquiries to the Office of Admissions and Enrollment Management. You can find this information in the sidebar (top-right).

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ME: Contact

Contact Information

ME Program Assistant

Jane Kuhl
Office: Otts 015
Tel: 608.342.1721

Department Chair

Dr. Dave Kunz
Dept. of Mechanical and
Industrial Engineering
1 University Plaza
Platteville, WI 53818

Tel: 608.342.1431

Admissions Office

Office of Admissions and Enrollment Management
University of Wisconsin-Platteville
1 University Plaza
Platteville, WI   53818

Tel: 608.342.1125

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