Midwest Culturally Inclusive Conference

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About the conference

The Midwest Culturally Inclusive Conference (MCIC) is a regional conference for business and community leaders, college students, K-12 teachers and administrators as well as postsecondary faculty and staff who want to strengthen diversity throughout the Midwest and work collaboratively towards resolving issues related to equity, diversity, inclusion, representative leadership, and advancing professional development opportunities.


This year's theme is CONNECT, ENGAGE, TRANSFORM. MCIC 2014 is an opportunity for participants to CONNECT with others, ENGAGE in critical dialogue and concepts related to diversity and inclusion, and TRANSFORM their perspectives, actions, and communities.


The purpose of the conference is to facilitate participants' understanding of the economic and equity implications of diversity in a 21st century global economy, equip participants with skills to uproot discrimination across multiple forms (i.e. gender, class, race, sexual orientation, veterans, and disabilities), and foster relationship building between diverse groups to promote inclusive activism.


MCIC 2014 provides a unique opportunity to access in-depth information from engaging presenters on topics surrounding diversity, inclusion and more.

  • Experience diversity from the experts: it’s a win-win for our campus, students, and colleagues!
  • Develop a network of diversity with your peers.
  • Learn about ability, LGBT, social justice, gender, race, and so much more!
  • Share your commitment to diversity with your students!
  • Laugh, ponder, and experience a few "ah-ha" moments.
  • Create a culture of respect in your classroom.

The conference is also a "steal of a deal," with the registration fee including keynote speakers, five meals, and an evening of entertainment!

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MCIC: Registration

MCIC Registration

Early Bird Registration
(on or before Sept. 17, 2014)

  • Full Conference: $125
  • 1-day Conference: $75
  • Presenters: $75
  • Non UW-Platteville Students: $50

After Early Bird Registration 

  • Full Conference: $150
  • 1-day Conference: $100
  • Non UW-Platteville Students: $50


MCIC: Student Registration

UW-Platteville Students

MCIC is FREE for UW-Platteville Students

  • Do not register online
  • Bring your student ID to Ullsvik Hall and register in person at the conference

MCIC: Social Media

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