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Welcome to McGregor Hall

McGregor Hall, named after past UWP president Duncan McGregor and built in 1961, accommodates approximately 162 men and 60 women. McGregor Hall, with its convenient location, offers many benefits to its residents. In addition to kitchenettes on each floor, a variety of other facilities such as a computer lounge, a conference room and recreation areas are provided throughout the hall to meet the needs of residents. McGregor Hall is equipped with an elevator, therefore students with physical mobility concerns will find it very accommodating out of the ten residence halls on campus. The first and second floors are reserved for upperclassmen only, therefore the majority of students living in McGregor are not freshmen. The residents of McGregor Hall are very supportive of the annual Luau sponsored by McGregor and Wilgus Halls every fall. McGregor staff as well as the Hall Council Executive Board also put on Duncan Diner every February. 

From the Desk of the Resident Director

Hello Residents!

You’ve made it to April! The weather is starting to shape up and summer is really around the corner. The countdown to the end of the semester is well underway and we will be talking about closing before you know it. Please be sure to read through the following reminders to ensure a successful April and make your move-out as easy as possible!

Class Registration: It’s that time of the semester again! For those of you not graduating at the end of the semester, you should already be in contact with your advisor to set up your PIN meetings. Class registration opens today, April 7 and goes until April 24.  You don’t want to miss out on those classes that you need to stay on track for graduation!  More information can be found here.

Student Staff Evaluations: Have you filled out the evaluation for your RA yet? An email was sent out from the Department of Residence Life with a link to a survey regarding the progress of your RA. Please take the time to fill this survey out truthfully and honestly. We really utilize this information to work to make changes for the future and to strengthen the skills of your RA. They greatly appreciate your feedback!

Severe Weather: The spring is often known for poor weather. It is likely that we may experience thunderstorms and potential unsafe weather. When the weather is poor, we ask that you remain inside where it is safe and do not put yourself in danger by staying outside and storm watching. In the case of a tornado or severe weather, please pay attention to announcements made over the emergency system. All students should move to either the basement kitchen, first or second floor corridors and away from windows. You can expect a drill to occur later in April to practice what to do in severe weather.  Please consult a staff member or the Residence Life Handbook for policy and procedure questions.

Closing Information: Later this month, your RA will be scheduling a closing meeting to discuss what is expected of you during building closing. Please be on the lookout for this information so you can be sure to avoid any unnecessary fines and to ease your move out process. We also encourage you to begin taking unnecessary items home with you now to lesson your load during finals.

Summer Storage: Once again, we are offering an option for student to store their things this summer. You can store your things right in your Fall 2015 room so it is already there and ready for you upon move in.  New this year with our Summer Storage program is the fact that all items will need to be boxed up and placed on the bed or in the closet. More information as well as the contract may be found here.

Summer Housing: Lastly, if you are planning on staying in Platteville this summer and are looking for a place to live, you can always stay in Southwest Hall! Southwest Hall will be open for summer residents to rent out a space on a weekly basis. This is a great option for residents planning on staying just a short time or all summer long. Staying in Southwest lessens the hassle of having to move. Check out the Residence Life website for more information!

Be safe and be well,

Ian Dreger
McGregor Hall Resident Director

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