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Welcome to McGregor Hall

McGregor Hall, named after past UWP president Duncan McGregor and built in 1961, accommodates approximately 162 men and 60 women. McGregor Hall, with its convenient location, offers many benefits to its residents. In addition to kitchenettes on each floor, a variety of other facilities such as a computer lounge, a conference room and recreation areas are provided throughout the hall to meet the needs of residents. McGregor Hall is equipped with an elevator, therefore students with physical mobility concerns will find it very accommodating out of the ten residence halls on campus. The first and second floors are reserved for upperclassmen only, therefore the majority of students living in McGregor are not freshmen. The residents of McGregor Hall are very supportive of the annual Luau sponsored by McGregor and Wilgus Halls every fall. McGregor staff as well as the Hall Council Executive Board also put on Duncan Diner every February. 

From the Desk of the Resident Director

Hello Residents!

Welcome back!  I hope you had a safe and restful break and are ready to tackle Spring Semester.  Classes start January 20th!  Although we don't have a lot of snow now, remember that Snow Emergency Parking is in effect. This means when a SEP is declared students may have to move their cars from street or parking lot spaces. Pay attention to the signage around the halls for more information on SEP.

Planning on living on campus next year? Follow this link to learn more about the room reservation process. Please remember that 1st year and 2nd year students are required to live on campus. Make sure to check out all of our housing options along with the new LLCs and ICs we will be offering next school year.

Have you made a New Year’s Resolution to be a better student this semester?  You’re in luck as UW-Platteville has plenty of tools to get your resolution started!  This semester, sign up for a Student Academic Success Seminar, to learn more about the description of each seminar, check out this link.  In addition to studying in your room or one of our study lounges in McGregor, campus has plenty of places to study outside of the hall.  One place is the Library.  College isn’t just about studying and taking classes, don’t forget to have a little fun as well!  Make time for this semester’s upcoming Friday Night Clubs and other residence hall programming as well as attending a Campus Programming and Relations event or ten. Learn more by following the McGregor Hall Facebook Page and CPR’s Facebook page

Fun fact – McGregor will be hosting an upcoming Friday Night Club on February 13.  Head over to Greenwood Avenue Market for some Sweetheart Pancakes and games!  In addition to this, on February 25, McGregor’s Café and basement will be turned into a 1950s style diner.  For a $1 donation, you will receive a hot dog, chips, and a chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry milkshake!  If you would like more information on this event, please contact a staff member. 

I hope you all have a great semester!  Everyone on staff is here for you if you need anything!

Be safe and be well,

Ian Dreger
McGregor Hall Resident Director

Clear Float

This pane clears float!

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