Math Help

Do you need help with your math course? There are various options for you to get the help you may need to excel in your class.

Math Learning Center

The math learning center is located in Gardner Hall, room 360. The center is staffed by mathematics majors during the semester who can help you from finishing your homework to studying for an exam. For current hours of operation please click here.

Individual Tutoring

Students wishing to receive individual tutoring services should visit the Student Support Services (SSS) office located in Warner 105 to inquire about eligibility, availability and to complete the intake process. Once a student is signed up for the program, that student can request a tutor. Tutoring through SSS is completely free, one-on-one, scheduled, and course-based. All SSS tutoring takes place between 8 a.m.– 5 p.m., Monday through Friday in Warner Hall. More Information

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