Creating an Online Room in Desire2Learn


When in Desire2Learn, you can create an online room to:

  • Interact and share materials with your students in real time
  • Schedule virtual office hours
  • Take advantage of whiteboard and videoconferencing

Creating an online room    

  1. Under the MORE tab, choose Online Rooms in the dropbox
  2. Click the New Room button
  3. Name your Online Room (this is the name students will see in the Public Rooms Directory)
  4. Change Room Visibility to Public Room
  5. You should set the date and time the room will open and close. For rooms that you will use for the semester (i.e. virtual office hours), use the first and last days of the semester
  6. Under Advanced Properties, click Show Room Restrictions and select Participants have unrestricted access to resources to allow you to share material with room attendees
  7. Creating and emailing a session invite (as opposed to sending an Email Notification) will allow students to receive an email message from your address, not from the Desire2Learn Helpdesk
  8. If you choose to record every Online Room session, choose Automatic in the Archive Mode dropbox (recording can always be turned on/off within a room session)
  9. Save Changes (Default responses that are not mentioned above require no changes)

If you need to make changes at a later time, you can edit the Room by selecting Edit from the dropbox next to the room name in the Public Rooms list

Creating an in-session invite

  1. Once you have set up the room and the room is active and can be joined, access the room and choose Tools/In-session Invite/Invite New Participant.  A new window will appear (see Figure 1)
  2. Click on the Copy Link button, then either paste this link into an email you send to your students (for example, use the email option under Classlist) or copy this link to a News item on the homepage of the course
  3. Remind students that if they join the room using the link, it will ask them to enter the name they will be using in the online room.  It is best they use their real name and in some cases may need first and last name

OnLine Rooms InSession Invite

Figure 1.  In-Session Invite


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