Strategic Plan

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Library Vision Statement

The Karrmann Library strives to be one of the best undergraduate libraries in the upper Midwest. As a comprehensive resource center, the library, including the Instructional Materials Lab and the Southwest Wisconsin Room, will maintain an excellent academic collection, provide access to worldwide information and outstanding facilities, and serve the university and surrounding communities.


THEME: Collection

The Karrmann Library will provide a quality collection that supports the curricular, informational, archival, cultural, and recreational needs of the university community.


  1. Adjust the library's collection development plan to reflect changing curricular needs and UW System-wide resource sharing.
  2. Expand collection activities for historical and primary source material in the tri-state area.
  3. Improve preservation techniques for both traditional and digital formats.
  4. Promote regular collection assessment and review.
  5. Improve access to and expand the library's special collections.
  6. Expand electronic collections in support of changing curricular needs.
  7. Implement the digitization of appropriate library collections.

THEME: Services

The Karrmann Library will offer a variety of excellent services to facilitate access, use, understanding, and enjoyment of its resources.


  1. Identify and incorporate innovative public service models.
  2. Promote UW System-wide resource sharing initiatives.
  3. Improve library access for online and distance learners.
  4. Support collaborative learning, group and individual study, and research activities.
  5. Promote improved information access to individuals with disabilities.
  6. Instruct and train students, faculty, and staff in the use of emerging library technologies.
  7. Improve online help systems and develop online tutorials.
  8. Survey patrons on a regular basis to assess the quality of library resources and services.

THEME: Technology

The Karrmann Library will utilize integrated library systems, connections to global networks and online databases, and multimedia systems. The library will seamlessly incorporate appropriate emerging technologies for its patrons.


  1. Assess, improve and expand the library's web resources.
  2. Evaluate and utilize emerging hardware and software technologies striving for 24 hour access to a variety of resources.
  3. Continually assess the library technology infrastructure, insuring information security.

THEME: Human Resources

The Karrmann Library staff will be skilled, knowledgeable, and service-oriented. The staff will provide the leadership to ensure that the university is on the cutting edge of quality library service and technology.


  1. Promote and support continuing education and professional development programs for all library staff.
  2. Assess current staffing levels and workflow distribution to address changes in resources and services.

THEME: Partnerships

The Karrmann Library will establish partnerships in developing new models of scholarly communication that are equitable, affordable and effective.


  1. Communicate with the university community to jointly develop integrated, interdependent information literacy resources for teaching and research.
  2. Provide leadership and expand collaboration with UW System and regional library consortia, especially in the tri-state area.
  3. Increase publicity regarding library resources and services.
  4. Support and expand outreach to tri-state secondary school students.

THEME: Financial Resources

The Karrmann Library will actively seek the resources necessary to meet its mission and goals.


  1. Assess the library budget and adjust funding priorities to meet changing demands.
  2. Identify new and expand existing funding sources to support the library.
  3. Support special library fund drive initiatives undertaken by the UW-Platteville Foundation.
  4. Evaluate high-cost low-use journal subscriptions and promote article delivery services.

THEME: Facilities

The Karrmann Library will provide an inviting and relaxed atmosphere that promotes learning and leisure reading.


  1. Assess present and future space needs based on current library trends and alter accordingly.
  2. Improve the security of all library resources.
  3. Advocate for an accelerated schedule for remodeling the library.
  4. Assess and improve access for persons with disabilities.
  5. Improve the working and teaching environment within the library.
  6. Provide a more effective climate-controlled environment conducive to working and material preservation.

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