Awards Program

Outstanding Academic Advisor Award

Good advising needs to be recognized for its critical contribution to our educational environment. Students, colleagues, or the individual advisor may submit nominations for the Outstanding Academic Advisor Award. Any faculty or academic staff member who serves as an academic advisor to students is eligible unless they have received the award within the last five years. Nominations are due the first Friday in May and supporting materials are due the fourth Friday in May to the Selection Committee Chair, Ms. Tammy Salmon-Stephens. She will ask nominees for a submission (maximum two pages) that addresses or describes their advising philosophy and related experiences, including the number of on and off campus advisees for whom they are responsible. Nominees also have the option of submitting a maximum of three letters of support from colleagues and/or students, with no more than two from students.

Outstanding Service Award

The purpose of the Outstanding Service Award is to recognize annually a member of the LAE faculty or academic staff who has provided outstanding service at the program, departmental, college, and/or university level. The College Elections Committee will solicit nominations for the award in March each year. Faculty and full-time academic staff may be nominated or they may nominate themselves. Nominees must submit a letter that describes in detail their recent outstanding service to the university. A second letter of support from a chair or colleague is recommended. The nomination file is due in the Dean's Office by April 15.

Professional Development Award

The Professional Development Award is given in recognition of excellence in professional development activity such as research, writing, activity in professional organizations, performance, or artistic production. One tenured or tenure-track faculty or academic staff member is eligible to be nominated by each DRB/SRB per academic year. The DRB/SRB chair needs to put forth the nominee's name in a cover letter that identifies this award, identifies the professional activities for the specific year of nomination, and generally highlights the nominee's career activities. A copy of a current CV or resume should also be included in the nomination packet.

Academic Staff Excellence in Teaching Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize those people working in part-time or full-time academic staff positions who demonstrate excellence in teaching and a commitment to the department, college, and university. Any full-time or part-time teaching academic staff who has been employed at UW-Platteville for a minimum of four semesters is eligible. Nominations should be submitted to the Dean's Office on or before the first Friday in November. The nomination packet must include a letter of nomination that includes a description of how the individual has demonstrated excellence in teaching and commitment to the institution, a second letter of support from the chair or a senior member of the discipline, and a current resume.

Teaching Excellence Award

All full-time tenured/tenure-track faculty in the College of Liberal Arts and Education are eligible for the Teaching Excellence Award. Nominations are asked for and members of the. Liberal Arts and Education CRST can make nominations. The evaluations and final selection will be based primarily on student evaluation of teaching. Other factors may be included such as scholarship related to teaching and peer evaluation of teaching. A majority vote of the CRST is required for selection. The annual award will be presented at the Liberal Arts and Education spring reception.

Excellence in Teamwork Award

The Excellence in Team Award will recognize excellence in a department, unit, committee, or team that has worked to enhance academic life at the college, department, or unit level. Nominations should be submitted to the dean's office in November. Please describe the team and how its work has improved the academic life of the college. Include the names of team members and a recommendation from an administrator or faculty member outside the team.

Excellence in Service Award

The Excellence in Service Award is to provide recognition to a support staff member who exemplifies the tradition of excellence. Any full time support staff or continuing limited term employee can be nominated by submitting a letter of recommendation to the dean's office in November with a rationale for the award.

Past Recipients

LAE Teaching Excellence Award

2015 - Chris Schulenburg
2014 - Amanda Tucker
2013 - Joan Riedle
2012 - Rea Kirk
2011 - Adam Stanley
2010 - David Rowley
2009 - Elizabeth Gates
2008 - Theron Parsons
2007 - Paula Nelson
2006 - David Zierath
2005 - Joe Lomax
2004 - John Simonson

2003 - Daniel Fairchild
2002 - Peter DiMeglio
2001 - Thomas Waters
2000 - Barbara Parsons

1999 - David Van Buren
1998 - Ellsworth Hood
1997 - Richard Waugh
1996 - Russell Burgett

1995 - Thomas Lundeen
1994 - Marilyn Tufte
1993 - Stanley Moore
1992 - Rosa Bahmann

1991 - Gerald Darrow
1990 - Thomas Hickey

1989 - Kenneth Kundert
1988 - Kathryn Winz

LAE Outstanding Advisor Award

2015 - Dale Henze
2014 - Travis Nelson
2013 - Elizabeth Gates
2012 - David Chellevold
2010 - George Smith
2008 - Amy Nemmetz

2007 - David Rowley
2006 - Edward Ross
2005 - Colleen McCabe
2004 - Joan Riedle

2003 - Joe Lomax
2002 - Cheryl Banachowski-Fuller
2001 - Gwendolyn Coe
2000 - Paula Nelson

LAE Academic Staff Excellence in Teaching Award

2015 - Becky Fernette
2014 - Connie Furlan
2013 - Jodean Grunow
2012 - Mary P. Dalles
2011 - Richard Moninski and Wendy Perkins
2010 - Deborah Rice

2009 - Edward Ross
2008 - Lisa Emendorfer
2007 - Edina Haslauer
2006 - Aric Dutelle

2005 - Susan M. Hellert

LAE Excellence in Professional Development Award

2013 - Daniel Leitch
2012 - Evan Larson
2011 - Chris Schulenburg

2010 - Teresa Burns
2009 - Joe Lomax
2008 - Kathleen Tigerman
2007 - David Krugler

2006 - J. Elmo Rawling 3rd
2005 - Benjamin Shapira

LAE Outstanding Service

2015 - Lindsay Hollingsworth
2014 - Shane Drefcinski
2013 - Linda Doser
2012 - Kory Wein

2011 - Alison Bunte
2010 - Wally Iselin
2009 - Patrick Hagen
2008 - George E. Smith

2007 - Joan Riedle
2006 - Carmen Faymonville
2005 - Laura Anderson

LAE Excellence in Teamwork Award

2015 - Educational Teacher Performance Assessment Team (Jessica Brogley, Erin Edgington, Jodean Grunow, Edina Haslauer, Tim Hazen, Lindsay Hollingsworth, Rea Kirk, Peggy Marciniec, Colleen McCabe, Leigh Monhardt, Karen Stinson, Tim Swenson)
2014 - University Rank, Salary, and Tenure Policy Commission (Laura Anderson, Barb Barnet, Dominic Barraclough, Mu-Ling Chang, Benjamin Collins, Elizabeth Frieders, Susan Hansen, Jeffrey Huebschman, Colleen Kaiser, Margaret Karsten, June Li, Mesut Muslu, John Nkemnji, Elmo Rawling, Joan Riedle, Lisa Riedle, Bidhan Roy, George Smith, Frank Steck, Keith Thompson, Amanda Trewin, Nancy Turner, David Van Buren, Kory Wein, Scott White)
2013 - General Education Task Force (Laura Anderson, Stephanie Branson, Alison Bunte, Dennis Ciesielski, Michael Dalecki, Shane Drefcinski, Patrick Hagen, William McBeth, Chris Schulenberg, George Smith, Kory Wein)
2012 - International Film Festival Committee (Laura Beadling, Melissa Gormley, Linda James, Art Ranney, Chris Schulenburg, David Schuler, Adam Stanley, Rich Waugh)
2010 - Team Stylus – Editors of Stylus: An Anthology of Freshman Writing (G.L. Kriewald, Kory Wein, Laura Beadling, Wendy Perkins, Russell Brickey, Evelyn Martens)
2009 - Social and Environmental Justice Council (Thomas Hunt, Barbara Parsons, Michael Sharkey, Richard Waugh, Donna Anderson, Abulkhair Masoom, and Elizabeth Goodfellow)
2007 - Writing Center (Evelyn Martens, Spenser Austin, Peter Barth, Daniel Burrie, Eric Bybee, David Chancellor, Mayia Corcoran, Nicole Eggebeen, William Krupecki, Megan Kuzminski, Amy Kwallek, Benjamin Landsee, Kate McKinney, Jessica Meyers, Stephanie Moffett, Jordan O'Connell, Thomas Pitcher, Edward Rink, Jessica Sandry, Cynthia Sawatske, Laura Schreiber, Riley Schultz, Amy Spotts, Benjamin Strieter)

2006 - Affirmative Action/Ethnic Studies/Multicultural Educational Resource Center Task Force (V. Carl Allsup, Rosalyn Shields Broussard, Teresa Burns, Margaret Karsten, Kathleen Kelley, Joe Lomax, Mittie Nimocks, Carlos Wiley, David Zierath)

LAE Excellence in Service Award

2015 - Becky Savoy
2014 - Sara Koeller
2013 - Mary Fischer
2012 - Carolyn Fries
2011 - Lois Blackbourn

2010 - Mary Nechvatal
2009 - Judy Belken
2008 - Jane Kuhl
2007 - Vicky Suhr

2006 - Sue Vavricka

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