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Dean Elizabeth Throop

Welcome to UW-Platteville’s College of Liberal Arts and Education!

UW-Platteville’s College of Liberal Arts and Education has a longstanding history of providing students with a well-rounded education across a broad spectrum of disciplines—from criminal justice, education, and humanities to performing and visual arts, psychology, and social sciences. We provide all UW-Platteville students, regardless of their majors, with most of the grounding they receive in the liberal arts and sciences, an education to which the entire university is committed.

We challenge our students to develop skills in collaboration, interpersonal communication, and problem-solving; we ask them as well to adopt intercultural and global perspectives and take on clearly articulated codes of ethics and social responsibility—all qualities that are essential for them to succeed in their academic efforts, their work endeavors, and their personal lives as citizens and as adults. At all times, we foster a community of achievement based on respect for all people and all ways of life. Our faculty is at the heart of these challenges.

The College of Liberal Arts and Education's outstanding faculty has received numerous awards for excellence in teaching, research, service, teamwork, and other academic achievements. Our Writing Center, a multi-faceted student service used by thousands of students, was selected by the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents to receive the 2012 Regents Academic Staff Excellence Program Award.

Employers prize the graduates of the College of Liberal Arts and Education.  Our students have learned a wide variety of perspectives, have encountered scientific facts and systems of thinking, and have had opportunities to engage in artistic expressions.  Our students think critically about important issues in historical, social, scientific, intellectual, and cultural context. In addition, our graduates write coherently, speak well, and work with a variety of people from societies and cultures around the world.

The College of Liberal Arts and Education strives to inspire all UW-Platteville students—whether majoring in teacher education or engineering or agriculture—to broaden and deepen their understanding of the people and the world in which they live so that they can actively engage and make a meaningful difference in society and in the world.

Dr. Elizabeth A. Throop
College of Liberal Arts and Education

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