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The purpose of the College of Liberal Arts and Education Awards Program is:

  • To recognize alumni who have achieved success in education, in artistic endeavors, and/or in their chosen profession as the success of graduates reflects favorably on the value of a degree from UW-Platteville
  • To recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to the College of Liberal Arts and Education Awards

The award categories shall be defined as follows:

Distinguished Educator Award – maximum of two awards per year

  • Classroom teacher, university/college professor, education administrator, or education specialist
  • Recipient to be an alumnus

Arts and Letters Award – maximum of one award per year

  • Accomplished artist, author, or poet in the fine arts and humanities
  • Recipient to be an alumnus

Professional Achievement Award – maximum of three awards per year

  • "Non-education" professional with noteworthy career success, outstanding scholarship, and/or demonstrated humanitarian commitment
  • Recipient to be an alumnus

Friend of the College Award – maximum of two awards per year

  • Person who promotes the college, provides opportunities for the students, assists the faculty, aids in the implementation of technology
  • Recipient COULD BE (but may not be) an alumnus


Nominations shall be solicited in the spring of the year. In addition to the nomination form, all entries should be accompanied by a resume/vita/biographical sketch of the nominee. Nominations shall be received at the Dean's Office.

Selection Procedures

The dean shall appoint a committee consisting of three (3) faculty from the College of Liberal Arts and Education (preferable 1 shall be an alumnus), one (1) emeritus faculty from the college, and one (1) Education and Liberal Studies Alumni Chapter Board member to review the nominees and make recommendations as to awardees. The assistant dean of the College of LAE and the university's alumni director shall serve on the committee in an ex-officio, non-voting capacity. Final approval of awardees shall rest with the dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Education. The awards will be presented during the fall semester.

LAE Alumni Award Recipients


  • Brian Campbell - Distinguished Lecturer
  • Susan Pagnucci - Arts & Letters
  • Fred Leverentz - Friend of the College


  • Kathleen M. Blum - Distinguished Educator
  • Dani G. Crase - Distinguished Educator
  • Ellen J. Schwartz - Professional Achievement Award


  • Jennifer Montana Newendyke - Distinguished Educator
  • Rex Reed - Professional Achievement
  • Amanda Coorough (Richland County Health and Human Services) - Friend of the College
  • First English Lutheran Church - Friend of the College


  • Julie Julius - Distinguished Educator
  • Roxanne Sundin - Distinguished Educator
  • Family Advocates - Friend of the College
  • Evelyn Martens - Friend of the College


  • Kim Thorsen - Distinguished Educator
  • Norman Jacobs - Professional Achievement
  • Carol Lange - Friend of the College


  • Kate Nesheim - Professional Achievement
  • Thomas Hickey - Friend of the College
  • Nancy Olson - Friend of the College


  • Charles F. Wickler - Arts and Letters
  • Donald B. Knapp - Professional Achievement


  • Chris Olson - Distinguished Educator
  • Gregory J. Dennis - Arts and Letters
  • Richard Byrd, Jr. - Professional Achievement
  • Laurel Skrede - Professional Achievement
  • Ed Deneen - Friend of the College
  • Kathryn Winz - Friend of the College


  • Jacquelyne A. Bodden – Friend of the College
  • Nancy Hendrickson – Distinguished Educator
  • David J. Kies – Distinguished Educator


  • Carol A. Rogers - Friend of the College
  • Richard A. Rogers - Friend of the College
  • Brian Leahy Doyle - Distinguished Educator


  • Bruce McClain - Arts and Letters
  • Gary Tuescher - Professional Achievement
  • Denny Pratt - Friend of the College
  • Patricia Giese Lynch - Friend of the College
  • Tom Dvorak - Distinguished Educator


  • Harv Thompson - Arts and Letters
  • Paul McMahon - Professional Achievement
  • Lora Dimeglio - Distinguished Educator


  • Bruce Howdle - Arts and Letters
  • Michael Roberts - Professional Achievement
  • Earl Hernandez - Friend of the College
  • Bernard Powers - Distinguished Educator


  • Scott Baumgartner - Professional Achievement
  • David Knoebber - Distinguished Educator
  • Elmer Colyer - Distinguished Educator


  • Robert Tarrell - Arts and Letters
  • Gloria Jeanie Sieling - Professional Achievement
  • Robert Kreisa - Friend of the College


  • Tom Hollatz - Arts and Letters
  • John Broihahn - Professional Achievement
  • Tom Downs - Distinguished Educator
  • Patricia Swallie-Giddis - Distinguished Educator


  • Paul Hemmer - Arts and Letters
  • Daryl Watson - Professional Achievement
  • David Bishop - Distinguished Educator
  • Helen Nicholson - Distinguished Educator


  • Michael Ahrens - Professional Achievement
  • Steve Obershaw - Friend of the College
  • Dave Allen - Distinguished Educator



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