The Student Technology Advisory Committee (STAC) is charged with prioritizing and recommending projects for disbursement of the Student Technology Fee (STF).  As governed by UW System policy (F49) the STF is a tuition surcharge, which is part of the UW systems’ GPR/Fee budget.  It was established to provide students with adequate technology to enhance the quality of the academic experience, increase access to technology, and to enhance technology training opportunities.   STAC has developed policies, a process, and ranking tools to guide them when recommending funding for projects on campus.  This recommendation is given to the CIO for final approval. 

34% of the STF is used for staff salaries.  These staff members directly support student focused services such as help desk functions and technology training.  43% of the STF is used for campus-wide software licenses (with multi-year commitments) such as Rave alert, D2L, and Adobe.  STAC also initiates technology projects that will benefit the entire student population.  For example, they have recently invested $20,000 towards enabling wireless in the outdoor, green spaces.  Funds can also be requested by faculty, staff, and students for projects that meet the established STAC criteria.


STAC Representatives for Academic Year 2015-16
Member Email
Tim Deis, Faculty advisor
Josh Savoy, ITS Help Desk Manager Karrmann Library
Colleen Garrity, Director for Media Technology Services
Ben Bruening
Tyler Wilson
Courtney Wallin
Hannah Muehlenkamp
Jared Heeg
Lucas Frey
Quinten Lisowe
Vince Seely
Jessica Rieff
Skylar Lopez-Kohler
Thomas Pecora
Tyler Fincutter

Meeting Schedule (Typically first and third Friday of the month at 4:00 p.m.)

All meetings will be held at 4:00 p.m. in the ITS Help Desk Conference Room in Karmann Library 107B

All meetings are open to the campus community, however visitors will be asked to leave during proposal ranking.

Budget Documents

2016–17 Student Technology Fee Budget and Expenditures
2015–16 Student Technology Fee Budget and Expenditures                    2014-15 Student Technology Fee Budget and Expenditures
2013–14 Student Technology Fee Budget and Expenditures
STAC Resources and Forms                                                      UW-System Regent Policy establishing the Student Technology Advisory Committee. 
Guidelines for Use of STF Allocations
Project Request Form
Project Ranking Form - This document defines the criteria used to evaluate projects submitted to the STAC.  The final scores for each project will be compared to create a prioritized list.  


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