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PASS Version 9.0 Development/Test Databases

  • PSTA: COP as of 09/08/2014 (at CS# 34/Regs 4, HR# 25 and PT 8.53.12)

Development and Demo Databases

  • PSDV: COP as of 10/27/2014 (at CS# 35/Regs 1, HR# 25 and PT 8.53.17)
  • PSDX: Backup of PSDV (COP as of 07/28/2014) as of 10/24/2014 (CS# 34/Regs 4, HR# 25 and PeopleTools 8.53.12)
  • PSDM: 8.53 Demo (RESTRICTED)
  • PHDV: Phire Development - Change Management Instance (RESTRICTED)

Change Management and Performance Monitor Instances

  • PHPD: Phire - Change Management Instance (RESTRICTED)
  • PMPD: Performance Monitor Instance (RESTRICTED)

HighPoint/PASS Express Development/Test Databases

  • Dev: HighPoint/PASS Express Development Environment
  • Test: HighPoint/PASS Express Test Environment
  • QA: HighPoint/PASS Express QA Environment

NOTE: If there are multiple sites designated, they all point to the same PeopleSoft database.  The sites just reside on different web servers.

These test servers have self-signed certificates which will cause your browser to display a warning each time you connect.  You may install the certificates for your browser so you do not receive a warning.

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