Network Printing

General Information

There are two kinds of network printers on campus: Public and Restricted. Public printers are located in computer labs across campus and are available for use by anyone with an active UW-Platteville account. Restricted printers are department owned and therefore available only to employees of the department.

To see a list of all our network printers, visit the printer install page. Printers are designated as "Public" or "Restricted" in the Printer Location field. 

Moving or Turning Off Printers

Do not power off or move a network printer without consulting with IT staff first. Turning off a network printer at the end of the work day provides minimal cost savings with the advancement of power-saving features. If the device needs to be moved to a new location, Information Technology Services staff will coordinate the move to minimize printer downtime and ensure proper installation in the new location. 

Purchasing a New Printer

Please contact Information Technology Services before purchasing new network printers; this includes multifunction devices like network copiers which provide copy, scan, and/or print functions. IT Staff will coordinate a proper purchase and verify that the device can be supported on our network. All new networked printer purchases must also be approved by the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Services.

Bulk and Advanced Printing

For bulk and advanced print jobs, consider using Pioneer Printing and Postal Services. Their specialized equipment efficiently completes large print jobs and  provides features like brochure folding, stapling, collating, and binding. Contact Pioneer Printing and Postal Services to discuss your project or to schedule a personal consultation with one of their technicians.


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For Students


The printing policy, as approved by student governance, requires students to pay for any printing in excess of $25 per spring or fall semester or $10 per summer or Winterim semester. This applies to all public network printers at UW-Platteville. 


  • $.05 per page printed to a black and white printer
  • $.10 per page printed to a color printer
  • $.30 per document printed to a wide format plotter

Example: If your print balance is $24.00, you could have printed the equivalent of 20 black and white pages or 10 color pages since the beginning of the spring or fall semester.

For Staff


As with all other information technology resources, network printers are provided to support university business and university-related activities. Therefore, use of UW-Platteville's network printers by employees should be limited to work-related functions.


Since the department that owns the device is responsible for all costs including initial purchase, toner replacement, and maintenance repairs, there is no per page cost for jobs printed to restricted network printers. Student employees should use a department-owned, restricted-access printer for any work related printing.

Additional Resources

Check our KnowledgeBase for more information about printing including:

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