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REgister for office 365 training here

Registration for Office 365 training at UW-Platteville is now open!  Our training partner, New Horizons has created a web portal for your convenience.  Registration confirmations and reminders will be sent from Eventbrite.  For full details on the registration process and training plan, go to the project training webpage at http://www.uwplatt.edu/project-email/office-365-training

Office 365 Project milestones

Migrate messages through Dec 31, 2014
Migrate messages through Mar 31, 2014
Migrate messages through Jun 30, 2014
Migrate messages through Sept 30, 2014
Migrate contacts
Migrate messages to present in progress
Migrate calendar and task items Oct 24-26
Go live in Office 365 Oct 27
Final migration for quality assurance planned

OFfice 365 Project news and history

In Fall 2013, UW-Platteville began exploring options to meet the community's needs for e-mail and calendaring.  In March 2014, the decision was announced to leave Zimbra and move to Office 365 in the fall.  Check the project website at www.uwplatt.edu/go/o365 for news articles, Office 365 resources, and background information about the project since this decision was made. If you have any questions or comments, please send a message to e-mail_calendaring_project@uwplatt.edu.


Your Official UW-Platteville E-mail Account

UW-Platteville utilizes Zimbra Collaboration Suite for its e-mail and calendaring needs.  Zimbra provides an array of organizational features including tags, folders, and filters; a robust advanced search tool; and the ability to share items with others.  In addition, Zimbra Tasks allows you to monitor the progress of projects on your to-do list.  

Your uwplatt.edu Zimbra account is your official account at UW-Platteville.  All e-mail and calendar invitations sent from university departments and personnel will go to this official account.  If you choose to forward your Zimbra account to another provider, add the domain uwplatt.edu to that provider's trusted list to ensure you receive all important university communications.


The UW-Platteville Spam Firewall rates all e-mail messages that pass through it based on several criteria. E-mail messages that are clearly spam, contain viruses or worms, contain suspect URLs, or contain banned attachment types are automatically quarantined. E-mail messages that do not meet any of the aforementioned criteria are considered good and are allowed to pass through the system. If the system cannot make a determination of whether the message is good or bad, the message is held in quarantine until acted upon or aged out after 30 days.  These security measures prevent more than 350 messages from entering your inbox every month; that's nearly 4 million total, campus-wide.  Every month.



Every Friday from 5–6 p.m.

Any or all systems may be down during this planned outage window.  For a list of specific systems affected each week, check:

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