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With the launch of the new ITS website, the Academic Tools page is no longer needed. Instead, each major campus system has its own landing page containing a login button, system-specific information, and links to resources in the ITS Knowledge Base. The current Academic Tools page will remain active for a limited time to allow people to transition and save new bookmarks. Find the new locations of the academic tools listed below.

Reset your bookmarks.

When necessary the new system landing pages may host important outage information or other time-sensitive messages.  For this reason we strongly recommend that you bookmark the new landing pages and delete your old bookmarks including those that connect you directly to system login pages.  

Where to find Academic Tools

Tool Bookmark this address You may also find it here...  Or here...
Desire2Learn Shortcuts menu  ITS menu:
PASS Shortcuts menu ITS menu:
Online Class Schedule PASS landing page
Registrar menu:
Class Schedules
Password Management Help Desk Quick Links
ITS menu:
Get Connected
Online Storage (NetStorage) Help Desk Quick Links
ITS menu:
Get Connected
Software purchasing Help Desk menu: Software

The new Information Technology Services website can be found at  

If you have questions regarding the new locations of the academic tools or about the new ITS website, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 608.342.1400 or

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