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Time to clean!

Spring is traditionally a time to refresh the home - open the windows, shake out the dust of winter, and freshen the space with a good, thorough cleaning. Our digital spaces deserve similar attention as we prepare for new storage servers. Read more...

Meet Matt Thompson

ITS staffer Matt Thompson likes “being on the leading edge of technology, while still being able to work with end users.” This makes perfect sense when you consider his dual role within the department. Read more...

Department computer buy deadlines announced

Information Technology Services announces the PC computer buy deadlines for Spring and Summer 2015. Read more...

Unified Communications on track for Summer 2015

This summer UW-Platteville will transition to a unified communication system with options beyond the traditional desk phone. ITS is partnering with UW-Whitewater to upgrade the telecommunications infrastructure at UW-Platteville this summer to deliver new and improved functionality, reduce costs and allow for shared services and increased collaboration. Read more. Read more...

UW-Platteville app gets new look

The UW-Platteville app has been redesigned with bright movable tiles that allow you to create a display that best meets your needs. Read more...

A note from the CIO

February marks two noteworthy anniversaries for ITS – the first edition of Discover IT in 2013 and the launch of the department website in 2014. It is the perfect occasion to look back on the changes and accomplishments of the past two years... Read more...

How far we've Come

In this February 2015 Issue

Information Systems & Reporting

Information Systems & Reporting was formed in 2014 by combining two teams: Applications & Development with Campus Information & Analysis... Read more...


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