Telecommunications Update: Appropriate Use

November 19, 2013

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Recently ITS  has fielded questions regarding the appropriate use of telecommunications equipment and resources, specifically university phones and cellular devices.  In general, frequency and use of telecommunications equipment and resources are largely dependent on individual roles and responsibilities.  If you have questions regarding appropriate use of your phone or cellular device, please discuss your questions with your direct supervisor.

Regarding personal usage of university telecommunications equipment, the Department of Administration (DOA) has established the following guidelines:

University Telephone Usage:
University telephones and numbers are issued to employees and are intended for official university business use.  Personal use in emergencies is acceptable.  Information Technology Services provides long-distance detail on a monthly basis to each department for review.  Personal calls should be placed during designated breaks using a personal cell phone.

Cellular Devices Usage:
The State of Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA) has issued an Enterprise Wireless Policy that governs the use of state/university-issued cellular devices.  Section III Part A covers personal use of a university-issued device while Section III Part B covers use of personal devices for university business.

A complete copy of the DOA policy can be found at:

Questions and requests regarding telecommunications at UW-Platteville may be directed to the ITS Help Desk at or 608.342.1400.

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