Project Updates: Systems & Infrastructure

July 17, 2013

Clear Float

This pane clears float!

The Systems and Infrastructure team contributed to the successful implementation of credit and debit card machines in Dining Services and Catering.  The team also completed the wiring of buildings to support the power-metering project and the firewall upgrade on Friday, July 19.

Systems & Infrastructure projects in progress include…

  • Implementing new appliances this summer for backing-up data
  • Creating a webpage gateway so anyone can add money to a student's Pioneer Points online with a credit card
  • Installing card-swipe laundry in res halls enabling students to use points rather than coins
  • Enabling card-swipe door access in Bridgeway Commons and 9 traditional halls.  Southwest Hall was equipped in 2006.  Eventually card-swipe access will be expanded to support buildings campus-wide including OIT, computer labs, and other locations.
  • Installing security cameras and associated infrastructure in Bridgeway Commons.  The remaining halls will be equipped gradually, focusing on elevators and entrance doors.  This system is motion-activated and will not be actively monitored. 
  • Providing additional services at Bridgeway Commons, which offers the unique challenges of a combination dining service/residence hall.  Services include phones, cash registers, Wi-Fi, and security.
  • Electronic delivery of cell phone bills to departments for approval, thereby reducing paper costs.

Upcoming Systems & Infrastructure projects…

  • Researching new online storage systems
  • Accommodating Collaborative Engineering video kiosks

Researching e-mail & calendaring options.  A steering committee sponsored by Vice  Chancellor for Administrative Services, Rob Cramer and Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and CIO, Sue Traxler will kick off the project with a meeting on Friday, August 9. A recommendation is expected by late winter 2014.

Clear Float

This pane clears float!

Systems & Infrastructure


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