Meet Elaine Cline

February 15, 2013
Elaine Cline

The Office of Information Technology is the perfect place for Elaine Cline.  As UW-Platteville's longest working employee with 48 years of service, Elaine can answer a wide range of questions about our campus, its history and its people.  One of her favorite duties as OIT Office Manager (and assistant telecommunications guru) is contacting retirees regarding their guest accounts every year and hearing about their lives.  "I know most all of them--even the ones that retired 30 years ago!"

Before coming to OIT, Elaine worked for the Registrar's Office, the Cashier's Office, and Purchasing.  She and her husband Richard (Physical Plant, retired) encouraged three children through UW-Platteville: son Ryan works in technology at a small community college, son Chad teaches at a state prison, and daughter Tonya Stappert works on our campus--in the office next to Elaine's.  One can only assume that Elaine's blood runs blue & orange.

Outside the office, Elaine enjoys crocheting, playing Euchre, and spending time with her nine grandchildren.  To really unwind, Elaine heads to the casino where Lady Luck occasionally smiles upon her.  

Elaine says she is "blessed" to have had so many "wonderful bosses" at UW-Platteville and to work with "the best bunch of people" in OIT.  We assure you, Elaine, the feeling is mutual.


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