Committee selects Office 365 conversion window

May 16, 2014

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The e-mail conversion committee—consisting of representatives from all areas of campus—met on Tuesday, May 13 with one goal: to set a date for the transition of accounts from Zimbra to Office 365.  The committee considered three windows: end of August, mid-term break (October 2014), and winter break (December 2014/January 2015). Following input from core technical staff and a discussion of the pros and cons for all involved, the committee has chosen mid-term break (October 2014) for the final conversion to Office 365.

Details regarding this decision and a copy of the conversion timing matrix can be found on the E-mail/Calendar Project webpage .

What does this mean to you right now?

Zimbra e-mail and calendars will not be transitioned to Office 365 until late October 2014.  No faculty, staff, or student action is required at this time.  Enjoy your summer! 

The next step is to select a consultant to assist with the conversion. You may follow project updates on the E-mail/Calendar Project webpage the Help Desk Home page, and the ITS Help Desk/ResNet Facebook pages as well as monthly issues of Discover IT. Direct e-mail communication will be sent if necessary.  Questions or concerns regarding this timeline or the conversion in general may be submitted to or referred to the ITS Help Desk at or 608.342.1400.

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