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Tax Season in the U.S.

Tax season in the United States ranges from January 1 until April 15. If you worked in the U.S. in the past calendar year, you must file both U.S. federal and Wisconsin state taxes. Even if you didn't work, you must fill out a tax form called Form 8843.

U.S. Federal Tax

Do I need to file anything if I didn’t earn income in the last calendar year?

Yes. All international students who were present in the U.S. during the past calendar year, even if they did NOT earn income, MUST fill out Form 8843 (Instructions).

Forms to File

If you are a non-resident who worked in the United States during the previous calendar year. please file the following forms:

If you are non-resident who didn't work, please file the following formplease file the following formplease file the following form:

U.S. Federal Tax Information and Assistance

IRS - Assistance (toll free) 1.800.829.1040
IRS - Tax Treaty and Nonresident Alien Questions 1.267.941.1000
IRS - Forms (toll free) 1.800.829.3676
IRS - Website

wisconsin State Tax

You may be required to file a state income tax return for each state in which you resided and/or earned income during the calendar year. Please carefully read the instructions on the Wisconsin revenue website to determine whether you must file and which forms and additional requirements apply to you.

Wisconsin State Tax Information and Assistance

Wisconsin Department of Revenue - Assistance 1.608.266.2772
Wisconsin Department of Revenue - Forms 1.608.266.1961
Wisconsin Department of Revenue - Website

Additional Resources

Helpful tax information for international students

Tax FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The International Programs staff is not trained to give tax advice, nor are they permitted to answer questions regarding how to fill out tax forms.

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