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Health Insurance

Health Insurance

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Participation in the UW-Platteville group health insurance policy through Rust Associates is required for all F and J international students, scholars, and their dependents.

The insurance fee will be added to the student bill at the beginning of each semester and international students will be enrolled in the Rust Associates insurance for the entire year (12 months) for as long as they remain students at UW-Platteville. Visiting J-1 professors will be sent an invoice to be paid at the Cashier's Office (236 Brigham Hall) for the insurance fee every six months during their time at UW-Platteville. To learn more about the group health insurance policy, please visit the Rust Associates website.


Health and accident insurance does not cover all medical expenses. In general, it covers the higher costs that result from accidents and serious illness, with attendant hospitalization, medical tests, and the services of doctors and nurses. Please view the Rust Associates health insurance brochure (see link at right under "Important Information") for a detailed listing of what is covered by the Rust Associates health insurance plan.


  • Routine visits to a doctor
  • Visits to the emergency room when there is no emergency
  • Routine dental work
  • Vision examinations
  • Eye glasses

These costs must usually be met by the individual even if he or she has health and accident insurance.


Unless it is an emergency, you should first visit the Student Health Services on campus. The Student Health Services is located on the second floor of Royce Hall. Please visit their website to view the days and times they are open. If you do not visit the Student Health Services before going elsewhere you will be required to pay a $25.00 co-pay. Please note that the Student Health Services personnel may refer you to a different medical facility, depending on your needs. If you need to see a doctor at a medical facility not on campus, you need to bring your insurance card. If you forget your insurance card you will need to return the next day with your insurance card so that your paperwork can be processed and correct billing to the insurance company can take place. After doing so you will need to complete a claims form and send it — along with a fully itemized bill — to the insurance company. Make sure you make copies of your claims form and your bill before mailing them to the insurance company.

How do I know which doctor to go to?

  • In Wisconsin: Call HealthEOS (800-279-9776) for a participating physician referral. HealthEOS will let you know which doctors are covered by your insurance.
  • Outside Wisconsin: Call PHCS (800-922-4362) for a participating physician referral. PHCS will let you know which doctors are covered by your insurance.


Students and scholars from other countries often have difficulty understanding how the health insurance system works. Many U.S. Americans have the same difficulty, at least in part because the health insurance business has a language of its own, and much written information it produces is difficult to understand.


  • If I have health insurance, all my medical expenses will be covered. Fact: They will not. See the section above called "Coverage Provided by Health Insurance."
  • Any visit to the hospital emergency room will be paid for if I have health insurance. Fact: An emergency room visit is covered only in case of a genuine emergency.
  • The insurance company's job is to help me meet my medical expenses. Fact: Yes and no. The insurance company's job is to fulfill the terms of the contract it has with you. But insurance is a business; insurance companies operate in order to make a profit (by investing the money people pay for insurance). Insurance companies can be better or worse, and insurance policies can be better or worse, but in no case are insurance companies operated like charity organizations. The doctor or hospital considers it your responsibility to pay your bills and not the insurance company's.
  • If I don't have to buy insurance for my family here in the United States, it is because young children and pregnant women can see doctors for free. Fact: No. There is no free medical service for international students or their families in the U.S.

health insurance J-1 professors

Visiting J-1 professors and their dependents who are on the university payroll can participate in insurance plans available to university employees. J-1 scholars who are not on the university payroll and who do not have insurance provided by a sponsoring agency are required to buy the policy that the university has for international students.

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Health Insurance Guides

Important Information

Guide for UW-Platteville Students

What F/J students and their dependents at UW-Platteville need to know before, during, and after getting sick or injured

Guide for UW-Platteville Visiting Professors/Scholars

What J-1 professors and their dependents at UW-Platteville need to know before, during, and after getting sick or injured

Health Insurance Brochure (Rust Associates)

Lists what is/is not covered by your Rust Associates Insurance Plan

Health Insurance Brochure (SAS) and Summary of Coverage (SAS)

Lists what is/is not covered by your SAS Insurance Plan

Health Insurance PowerPoint

Provides overview of healthcare/health insurance for UW-Platteville international students

Guide to Finding a Doctor

Describes how to find a doctor that is covered by SAS in Platteville, Wisconsin, or outside of Wisconsin

Ask Mayo Clinic

Provides 24-hour phone-based, reliable health information from trained nurses in response to your health concerns and questions

Global Emergency Services

Provides medical evacuation and repatriation, as well as other emergency services when students are away from campus

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