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2013 – 2014 CHAMPIONS

Badminton:  Singles:  Curran Beckler 1st, Conner Nelson 2nd

Doubles:  Abraham Yang and Cody Kammerzelt 1st, Marcus Feuchl and Nick Kirley 2nd

Basketball:  Da Villw Pillagers, Trailor Park Boys, All Stars, Farm Girlz, Swamp Donkey’s, Princess A Team, Lady Ballerz, The Dream Team, MPGB 4 Lyfe, Last Kings, The Peacan Sandies, Will There Be Girls?, Caucasian Invasion, The Undunkobles, CNC, Half-Fast, Tune Squad, 2 East, Funkey Monkey’s, Motto Ballers

Tennis:  Cody Halback 1st, Adam Holiquist 1st

Disc Golf:  Dillon Magadanz 1st, Robert Martin 1st

Dodgeball:  Troop 417, The Peacan Sandies, 3 Peat, Pew Pew Pew

Football:  Unfriendly Possum’s Almost Beat Squad, Abusement Park, The Rainmakers, Farm House, Team Wally, Garbage, The Peakers, We Can’t Play, I Thought This Was Soccer, Jerm Top Brad Bottom, Sigma Tau Gamma

Indoor Soccer:  Main Street Hooligans, Jerm Top Brad Bottom, Brasoul International Club, Victorious Secret, We Can’t Play, Nick’s Bar

Softball:  Balls Out, One Hit Wonders, Blue Bombers, KeKumbahs, The Unknown, NUIC Washups, Flying Squirls, I Will Always Glove You, Wet Wombats, The Peacan Sandies

Volleyball:  The Peacan Sandies, Killers, Spikeabotics, Straight Down, Warriors, Discount Double Check, Spikealicious, Sugar and Spikes, Serves Up, Hit-Men, Team Dino-mite, VB on the Beach, Miley Cyrus Fan Club, Ace Ace Baby


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