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2012–13 Intramural CHAMPIONS


  • Singles: Lao Moua 1st, Evan Klimke 2nd
  • Doubles: Na Xiong, Chona Thao 1st, Zen Abbey, Boonsita Anamnart 2nd
    Alex Gidal, Alex McMullin 1st, Karl Nelson, Joe Baumler 2nd
    Jared Pergande, Mike Hendrickson 1st


Toon Squad, Toon Squad, Pump and Run, Shevn, Hoosiers, Kareem Abdul Jaballers, Fettuccini Scabbrines, Steve Kerr’s Finest, Your Mom, Rock Pile, Ibaka Flocka Flame, Curt and Brad’s Ballers, Aggie Gals, Eskimo Brothers, Peacan Sandies, The Stuff, Dave Leahy’s Mamba Jamba


The Janitors

Disc Golf:

Nathan Hataj 1st, Cody Kammerzelt 2nd


Pencan Sandies, I’d Hit That, SIG EP, Abusement Park, Victorius Secret and Maxium


Packers, Patty Cakes, Peakers, Dragon Ryders, Rainmakers, Wish We Were Champs, PPE’s Dirty Molly and the Boys, Beat Sauce Finale, SIG EP, Friday Nitty Lights, In the  Woods, Can’t Touch This, Mud Dogs, Back that Pass

Indoor Soccer:

We Get It, Main Street Hooligans, Nom Nom Nom, Pioneer Peteness, Hat Trick, En Fuego CF, In the Goal, Grass Kickers


Sports!, Thunder Gun Express, Jamaican Hopscotch Mafia, Scissor Me Timbers, Left Out, Droptine, Swat Team, Pitch Please, Scared Hitless, Red Mamba’s, Scared Hitless, Long Bombs, The Hicks, Struggle Snuggle, Car Pool Clan, 5 Girls 1 Cup


Vertically Challenged, Lol Lizards, Chicks Dig our Spikes, The Pea-con Sandy’s, Cuban Raff Riders, Served Hot, Hit Face, Pokemon, Clover, Average Joes, Mob of Dob, Team Awesome, Back in Black, The Wild Ones, Healthy Kittens, Set-em-Hussein

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