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Intramural Sports
Intramural Sports


Intramural sports at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville are recognized as an integral part of the students’ education. The combination of concentrated academic study and intramural sports participation affords the opportunity for all students to better their professional training and enrich their recreational interests and abilities. The programs we offer will deal with team and individual sports to meet present interests and future needs. Our leagues will vary from the highly competitive trophy league to our recreational league where fun and entertainment are the important ingredients.

An integral component of UW-Platteville’s Intramural Program is the provision of an environment which promotes good sportsmanship as well as developing effective leadership skills and positive social relationships. Through leadership from the intramural coordinator and the intramural officials, and full utilization of all university facilities, we believe that a program can be structured to achieve these goals and fulfill the recreational needs of the students at UW-Platteville.

2016–17 Schedule

First Semester

  Team Entry Due Meeting Date and Time Meeting Location Season Starts
Softball (M,C) Sept. 14 7:00 pm on Sept. 14 103 Doudna Sept. 19
Volleyball (M,W,C) Sept. 14 8:00 pm on Sept. 14 103 Doudna Sept. 19
Racquetball (M, W) Sept. 14 9:00 pm on Sept. 14 103 Doudna TBD
Badminton (M,W,C) Sept. 14 9:30 pm on Sept. 14 103 Doudna TBD
Tennis (M,W,C) Sept. 14 9:15 pm on Sept. 14 103 Doudna TBD
Disc Golf (M,W) Sept. 14 9:45 pm on Sept. 14 103 Doudna TBD

Second Semester

  Team Entry Due Meeting Date and Time Meeting Location Season Starts
Basketball (M,W) Jan 25 Jan 25, 7:00 pm 136 Doudna Jan 30
Indoor Soccer (M,W,C) Jan 25 Jan 25, 8:00 pm 136 Doudna Feb 5
Broomball (M,W) TBD TBD TBD TBD
Racquetball (M,W) TBD TBD TBD TBD
Dodgeball (M,W,C) Mar 29 Mar 29, 8:00 pm 136 Doudna TBD
Football (M,W,C) Mar 29 Mar 29, 7:00 pm 136 Doudna TBD

 M=Men, W=Women, C=Coed

  • Entry forms may also be obtained at the Fieldhouse.
  • A Roster/Hold Harmless form must be turned in at the First Contest.
  • $25.00 Participation Fee per team and $25.00 forfeit fee must also be paid in CASH at the organizational meeting.  Bring exact amount as we will not make change and we will not accept coins.
  • Teams not represented at the organizational meeting and/or failing to pay fees at the meeting will not be placed in a league.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

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