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1. What is the Global Exploration LLC?

A Living Learning Community (LLC) houses first-year students in a residence hall and offers academic and extracurricular activities and events focused on a specified common interest. The activities and events for the Global Exploration LLC focus on issues related to global affairs and developing intercultural competency. The typical number of students belonging to an LLC is about 28. Living in an LLC will make the social and academic transition to college life easier for students, enrich the academic experience, provide a supportive environment for students, and help foster friendships.

2. Who can participate in the Global Exploration LLC?

The Global Exploration LLC is open to first-year students of all majors and programs. The Global Exploration LLC wants any student who is curious about the world.

3. Is the Global Exploration LLC only open to international students and students who plan on studying abroad?

No – The Global Exploration LLC is open to all first-year students. Many of the experiential learning activities that Global Exploration LLC students participate in will prepare them for a globalized world in the same way we prepare students to study abroad. While the Global Exploration LLC is an excellent fit for students who are interested in studying abroad or international students, it is not a requirement.

4. Is the Global Exploration LLC only for certain majors?

No – The Global Exploration LLC welcomes students from all majors. It offers programming that will be beneficial to all students, regardless of intellectual interests or career aspirations. 

5. How many students live in the Global Exploration LLC?

The Global Exploration LLC is located in a wing of a residence hall. Typically a wing houses 28-30 students.

6. Which hall is the Global Exploration LLC located in?

For the 2015-2016 Academic Year the Global Exploration LLC will be located in the newly renovated Dobson Hall. Dobson Hall is the largest traditional hall and very popular with students. Students who choose to participate in an LLC are required to live in the hall designated for their LLC in order to participate in the LLC programming.

7. What is the common course?

All students living in the Global Exploration LLC will be required to take a common course which will be offered in the Fall semester and taught by the Global Exploration LLC Faculty Liaison. The common course will alternate each academic year. The common course will always fulfill a general education requirement. In Fall 2015 the common course is Political Science 2360: International Relations. 

8. Who is the faculty liaison?

The faculty liaison will change each academic year and will rotate between the three colleges at UW-Platteville. The faculty liaison will participate in social activities and events for the Global Exploration LLC as well as teach the common course. For the 2015-2016 Academic Year, Dr. Travis Nelson will serve as the faculty liaison. He is a political science professor and specializes in international relations.

9. What are the benefits of living in the Global Exploration LLC?

Living in the Global Exploration LLC provides students with a supportive community to build relationships, study, and connect with faculty outside of the classroom. At the end of the program students will have developed deep friendships and have made important social connections which will support their successful student career at UW-Platteville.

10. Will I be separated from other students if I live in the Global Exploration LLC?

No – Although the Global Exploration LLC provides a living space for students to develop strong friendships with others who have similar interests, it is important to remember that you will be living in a large residence hall on campus and will have access to all programming provided by the hall.  You will have classes with other students and have the option to join any extracurricular activities which are offered on campus. Living in an LLC is a complement, or enhancement, to your UW-Platteville college experience.

11. Does it cost extra to live in the Global Exploration LLC?

Yes – There is a one-time fee of $100 for all UW-Platteville LLCs. This fee covers the cost of increased staffing, special events, and enhanced faculty and academic resources. The room rate for the residence hall is the same as living in any traditional hall. 

12. Who should I contact with questions about the Global Exploration LLC?

Please contact Alyssa Shaff at shaffa@uwplatt.edu or 608.342.6151 with any questions.

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