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The Global Exploration Living Learning Community (LLC) is open to first-year students of all majors and interests.

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are comprised of students living together in a wing of a residence hall who are united by common academic and social interests. The Global Exploration LLC will focus on the world at large and is the perfect fit for you if you are curious about other people, places, and perspectives.

You will enroll in a common course with other Global Exploration LLC participants and cooperate in globally-oriented events and activities outside of the classroom. Living in the Global Exploration LLC will help you gain the knowledge and skills for living in a globalized and interconnected world. 


The Global Exploration Living and Learning Community seeks to foster the development of a supportive community of students, faculty, and staff dedicated to promoting and engaging in opportunities that nurture greater global understanding as well as enhance students' intellectual, personal, and intercultural development through discussion, campus and community events, service, civic engagement, and critical reflection.


All students living in the Global Exploration LLC will take a common course together during the fall semester. The common course will fulfill general education requirements. 

The Fall 2015 common course is Political Science 2360: International Relations with Dr. Travis Nelson. 

Co-Curricular activities and Community Involvement

The success of an LLC hinges on what happens outside of the classroom as much as what happens inside it. Each semester the Global Exploration LLC offers a variety of co-curricular activities and events. 

Co-curricular programs and activities may include:
o Global Exploration LLC orientation
o Making friends with international and domestic students
o Bi-Monthly group dinners with university faculty and staff
o Study buddies and mentoring
o Celebrating global holidays and events
o Coordinating International Dinner Night with International Students
o Day trips to learn about other countries and cultures
o Service Learning Project
o Game nights
o International movie nights
o Intercultural Communication weekend workshop

Global Exploration Living Learning Community

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