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Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are comprised of students living together in a wing of Dobson Hall who are united by common academic and social interests. LLC’s encourage students to get involved and be part of a larger support system on campus. This LLC aims to create and extend student learning opportunities outside of the classroom that heighten students’ global perspective and personal growth. The Global LLC is also a great way to meet students who share common interests.


The Global LLC seeks to boost the development of a supportive community of students, faculty, and staff. The Global LLC is designed to assist students in creating friendships as they transition into their first or second year of college while they explore different cultures. The Global LLC is dedicated to promoting and engaging students in opportunities that nurture greater global understanding as well as enhance students’ intellectual, personal, and intercultural development.


1. Live in a supportive community
2. Engage in programs that develop a global perspective
3. Have a smoother transition into college life
4. Make friends with students who share common interests
5. Develop leadership, communication, and other personal skills

Co-Curricular activities and Programs

Each semester the Global LLC offers a variety of co-curricular activities and events. These global-themed programs and activities aim to connect students while promoting personal growth.

Co-curricular programs and activities may include:

  • Global Exploration LLC orientation
  • Making friends with international and domestic students
  • Study buddies and mentoring
  • Celebrating global holidays and events
  • Coordinating International Dinner Night with International Students
  • One cultural trip
  • Game nights
  • International movie nights
  • Intercultural Communication weekend workshop

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Be a first-year or second-year student of any major
  • Fill out online application
  • $100 deposit fee

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