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Technology Contact Department
Instructional Center for Education Technologies        
Blackboard Collaborate ICET      
Camtasia ICET MTS    
D2L ICET      
Excel ICET      
Microsoft Office Suite ICET      
PowerPoint ICET      
Snagit ICET MTS    
Word ICET      
Media Technology Services        
Adaptive Technologies   MTS    
Audio Recording (onsite or in our studio)   MTS    
Audioconferencing   MTS    
Clickers  ICET MTS    
Educational Videos   MTS    
High Tech Classrooms   MTS    
  - projectors   MTS    
  - control system   MTS    
  - audio system   MTS    
  - Smart Boards ICET MTS    
  - document camera   MTS    
Graphic Services   MTS    
Media Equipment Checkout   MTS    
Media Purchase (Software and Hardware)   MTS    
Media Transfer Services   MTS    
Multimedia   MTS    
Off Air Recordings   MTS    
Promotional Videos   MTS    
Satellite Feeds   MTS    
Streaming Video   MTS    
Videoconferencing   MTS    
Webconferencing   MTS    
Video Tape Duplication    MTS    
Video Taping (onsite or in our studio)   MTS    
Teaching and Learning Center        
Faculty Learning Community     T&LC  
Research     T&LC  
Faculty grants, proposals and assessment     T&LC  
Faculty Professional Development     T&LC  
Office of Information Technology        
Business Intelligence (BI)       ITS
Computer Purchase       ITS
Operating Systems (Windows, Mac, Unix)       ITS
NetStorage       ITS
PASS       ITS
Printers       ITS
Reset Password        ITS
Software Downloads       ITS
Telephones (VOIP)       ITS
Viruses       ITS
VOIP       ITS
Wireless Configuration       ITS
Zimbra       ITS
Any Other Questions       ITS


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