View User Progress in Desire2Learn

Version 10.1 and Higher

The View User Progress tool in Desire2Learn enables instructors to monitor a student's course activity and progress.  The dashboard provides a quick visual overview of each student and access to more in-depth views for more detailed information.  

The tool provides two views.  First is the Class Progress view and it appears by default when the tool is started.  This tool can be used to examine overall trends within the course.  The second view is the User Progress view.  This view provides more detailed progress information for each student. 

To open the tool, click on the More option on the Navigation bar and select Edit Course.  View User Progress is located under Learner Management  if sorted by Category.  If sorted by name the View User Progress is listed alphabetically.

View User Progress
View User Progress

The Class Progress dashboard shows four of  nine summary items that are available.  Click on Settings to move these summary items around on the dashboard or to replace one of the four items with something else. Here is a brief description of each item:

  1. Content Completion Summary - This summary shows the student's progress through the course content.
  2. Objectives Completion Summary - This summary shows the student's progress in meeting assigned objectives.  If objectives have not been created for the course, this would not be relevant.
  3. Login History - Displays of graphic of the logins the student has made in the last 30 days and also gives the number of logins over the same period.
  4. Grades Performance Summary - This summary shows a graphics of scores the student has received for the last 15 graded items.  For more details, hover over a bar.
  5. Checklist Completion Summary - This summary is similar to content completion.  It shows how the student is progressing through the assigned course checklist.  Items due the next seven days are highlighted.
  6. Discussions Participation Summary - This summary shows three numbers - the number of posts that have been marked as read, the number of new posts the student has made and the number of replies to other postings the student has made.
  7. Dropbox Performance Summary - This summary shows the current summative average for the graded assignments that were submitted and graded through the dropbox. A graphic will show the scores of the last 15 items.  Additional details can be obtained by hovering over a bar.
  8. Quiz Performance Summary - This summary presents the current average on all quizzes.  A graphic also displays the scores of the last 15 items.  Additional details for each quiz can be seen by hovering over the bar for a given quiz.
  9. Survey Completion Summary - This summary displays the students progress through the surveys assigned in the course.

If the class is large, using the Search users box in the upper right corner is an easy way to locate a student.  If groups have been created for the course, the list of students can be filtered by group.  The filter tool will appear under the Class Progress title and only appears if groups have been assigned to the course.  

Select a student by clicking on the student's name.  This will change the view to User Progress. 

User Progress Screen
User Progress

All nine summaries can be seen in this view for a student.  And color indicators are applied to indicate if the student is on track, of concern or at risk.  This can be modified by clicking on Settings in the upper right corner. 

User Progress Settings Window
User Progress Settings

When Settings is chosen and changes are made, those changes will apply to all students viewed next.  Remove a checkbox from any summary that is not needed.  Modify the percentages to identify on track, some concern and at risk students.  Then click Save and Close.  

Each summary has a drill down feature.  Look for the Show/Hide icon at the right end of a gray bar of data.   Show Hide icon  Click this icon for more information about the given statistic.

On the left side of the screen below the student's name, there are shortcuts to email the student or send an instant message.  Below these two icons is a table of contents of the summary items.  Clicking one of these items, displays that summary information on the right side of the screen.

For details on using the User Progress tool, see ICET Quickguide: View User Progress in Desire2Learn

TOPIC Completion Summary

It is also possible to view student or class progress on a specific topic in content by selecting the Completion Summary for that topic. This can be found by navigating the Content tool and opening a topic within a module or submodule This information will be the same as found in the User Progress reports. It is just a snapshot of student activity on one topic.

For more information, see ICET Quickguide: Completion Summary.


If links to web pages are added to Desire2Learn by using the External Link placeholder, then the student visits to that external link will be tracked and available for review in User Progress reports. In order to track the activity from the content page to the external link, it is important to not check the box Open as External Resource which appears when Create a Link is selected in Content. 

For more information on tracking external links, see ICET Quickguide: Add a New Link in Desire2Learn

Additional information on User Progress can be found at Desire2Learn Resource Center: User Progress. Following this link will direct you away from the UW-Platteville ICET Website.

If you need further assistance, contact or phone 608.342.1792


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